Download progress
I have removed 8000 photos from Ipernity and I have 4,700 full size photographs still to remove. I have found a way to save photos in Photoshop at 25% of the normal size so that is going to be my normal post size once I have my full size photographs saved to my external hard drives. I hope the downloading process will not take too long now.


Stormlizard said:

That is quite a lot Steve. Always a good idea to save the orignals, I do it using Microgrfx PP80 by reducig or cropping and saving under a new file name, the original file remains as (IMG_1234) on my computer and external Backup, the smaller files are used on Ipernity.

Best of luck with the last third.

5 years ago

Maeluk replied to Stormlizard:

I have always kept the originals John. I kept them as the raw nef files from Nikon. I also put the full size photos onto Flickr too, I thought having photos in three locations would make them safe if they ever got destroyed in my house. My new plan is to buy a couple of 5 tb external hard drives and copy the jpegs I have downloaded. I will pass them to my sister to keep in her house. I can then reduce the size of files for the net. I think Flickr will eventually go the same way as Ipernity so there's little point in putting up full size files any more.
5 years ago