I have now removed 11,000 full size photographs from Ipernity and I have 1,600 to download. It has taken some time but the end is in sight.

I hope I can upload in reduced size from now on.

I have some photos of magpies to edit and I will upload them later today.


Stormlizard said:

I like Magpies Steve, especially when a couple of pair nest in my garden, by being there the small birds can sleep without fear as Magpies never hunt in their own terrirory and chase away intruders.

Best of luck with the uploading in smaller format,I usually keep mine to about 1.5 MB per photo.
5 years ago

Maeluk replied to Stormlizard:

HI John, I have found an export function in photoshop that lets me reduce photos to 25% so I am using that. It makes the photos around 1-2 meg which will be ideal for the future. I have less than 900 full size photos to remove now.

The magpies I photographed were at the seaside. I tempt them with peanuts and get a crowd around to photograph.
5 years ago

Stormlizard replied to :

Very useful then Steve, it is always good to have software that does the right thing, hence my love of MicrografxPP 80 an old program designed for Windows 98 Se that works well in Xp.

In it I can crop a section, then use Edit, copy to a new frame, save under a new name and retain theoriginal ex camera JPG file.

Yes a good way to get them around.
5 years ago