My PC has gone down
Unfortunately, my laptop has used up all its spare capacity in its c drive and is now giving me a lot of trouble, I cannot convert raw files to go into Photoshop. I have ordered a new laptop which will be here before the 2nd of August but till then I shall be having trouble getting photos up into Ipernity,. I shall try an old computer till my next laptop arrives but I'm not hopeful.


HappySnapper said:

Trials and tribulations Steve, happens to most of us, hope you were well backed up. Must have got over excited about the confirmed IMA takeover by end July.
7 years ago

Maeluk replied to HappySnapper:

Yes every photograph is on an external drive too and most of the better ones are already posted online so I have copies of anything important. I have ordered a more powerful computer so it should handle photos with ease once I get it..
7 years ago

Pam J said:

Hang in there Steve !
7 years ago ( translate )

Stormlizard said:

Have faith Steve, it will all be nice again soon.
7 years ago