What to do...
I am a week away from my club membership finishing and its time to renew but I don't know if it is wise to renew with the current situation, I would if there were a three month subscription. I think its the wisest to wait and renew when we are all in control. I wonder what happens if I keep posting photographs without club membership I know I will only see up to 200 images but will the older photos delete or just be hidden ?


Peggy C said:

I have 9 days left ---

I shall wait.


(from what I've seen of other club members, the last 200 will show)
7 years ago

Pam J said:

Steve... just hang on for now.

You will still show the last 200 as Peggy says.. and the rest remain on the Server.. you do not lose them... They re appear when Club comes back.
7 years ago

autofantasia said:

If you're not comfortable waiting then use the gifting loophole to get a 3 month extension as opposed to the 12 months.

You either need to get someone to gift it to you and then you pay them back or open another ipernity account, a free one, and use that to give a gift to yourself.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable with waiting to get back control of their own material ... that's why I've decided, almost against my own best judgement, to renew my own Club membership!
7 years ago

autofantasia replied to autofantasia:

What about what I've suggested Steve? :)
7 years ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

I would suggest exchanging 3 month "gift" subscriptions ...
7 years ago

Maeluk said:

I think I will wait and renew once the association have control. I agree Kenny it would be nice if Ipernity had allowed three month subs for the moment but it is what it is. In a couple of months with some patience it should be in the association hands and we will be back to normal. I hope people return to Ipernity and the community gets back to as it was.
7 years ago

Maeluk said:

My new camera has just broken down and is away for repair for six weeks. I think your right gifting could be the solution.. I will hang on a bit though as my camera is out of action too and maybe try that if I find I'm missing that control too much.
7 years ago

Stormlizard replied to Maeluk:

Iwould have said wait as thers above have but snce Sami Serola has re-posted the Three for one idea maybe it is not suach bad move if you have a friend to do the same for you.
7 years ago

Maeluk replied to :

As you saw John I decided to swap gifts.. I just didn't like not being able to get at my albums. I hope now that the negotiations go well and IMA take over the running before too long.
7 years ago

RHH said:

In the same quandary as you are, Steve. Thanks for the kind comments and hope your camera is as good as new when you get it back.
7 years ago