Tough Town

hey, merle,
hiya vern.
um, I see you got fire comin' out your chimney top there.
yeah. what's your point?
oh, nothin'. roasting marshmallows again?
kids love it.
kinda lights up the neighborhood too.
is that a thank you vern?
uh. . . yeah!
don't mention it.
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Steve Bucknell said:

It’s just the rocket’s red glare, a bomb bursting in the chimney, that spangly banner’s still there, as long as the roof doesn’t catch fire. Land of the free to self-combust, we love you all.
3 years ago

honeyj replied to Steve Bucknell:

the self-combusting just keeps on coming
don't it
3 years ago

Naturist said:

sowas habe ich noch nie gesehen...
3 years ago ( translate )

honeyj replied to Naturist:

Nur ein normaler Tag hier
3 years ago ( translate )

Belleuse said:

;-) ! And Happy New Year, brother !
3 years ago

Christel Ehretsmann said:

once upon a time...
3 years ago ( translate )

John Lawrence said:

Thanks for posting to the group

3 years ago

raingirl said:

I think this is why they say to have your chimney cleaned! Ha! Hope it didn't cause a real fire.
13 months ago

honeyj replied to raingirl:

FD showed up and spoiled the fun.
13 months ago

raingirl replied to honeyj:

Hey! You remembered to check comments on your photos! Good boy.
13 months ago

honeyj replied to raingirl:

I did. I’m not completely useless.
Just mostly.
13 months ago ( translate )