what's up curtis?
oh, hey, vern.
here. I brought you some nachos.
thanks. you gonna eat some too?
for sure.
ok. I think I'll start banging on this piece of wood.
you making something?
nah. but listening to you chewing bugs the shit out of me.
ha ha. wait. for real?
oh. well, I totally relate. in fact, maybe you should fire up one of them power tools.
that's what I'm thinking.
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Typo93 said:

Uh... Happy New Year, honeyj!
3 years ago

Steve Bucknell said:

A little disappointing that you couldn’t get more colours and licence plates in the frame. Leaves it a bit empty looking. Never mind, it’s a great effort.
3 years ago

honeyj replied to Steve Bucknell:

I have certain spiritual priorities:
Disappointment and emptiness are definitely in the top 3.
3 years ago

Steve Bucknell replied to honeyj:

Apathy is important, and athambia too, for that matter.
3 years ago

Berny replied to honeyj:

3 years ago ( translate )

honeyj replied to Steve Bucknell:

I'm very apathetic. not that I care.
but I don't suck my thumb!
at least not very much.

oh wait.
you said athambia?
never mind.
3 years ago

Berny said:

I especially like this Detroit Diesel lamp. And all the rest of course.
3 years ago

honeyj replied to Berny:

thanks Berny ;-)
3 years ago