Be careful what you wish for
I found this out yesterday
Just after lunch the clouds broke up and the sun appeared
Great stuff,at last I could stretch my legs and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.
Taking thing easy I strolled up to the beach together with a few like minded souls
I creasted the hill strolled to the beach and took a big gulp of fresh air,thing were lookijg up
Then it happened,my back went into spasm.
I got to a bench and sat quietly taking the deepest breathes I could.
Thje quiet was disturbed by 3 visitors who I see often up there.
The frst was a black Lab wth lept up and gave my face a good wash
I just got free of him when the old Greyhound lolloped along placed paw on either side of me on the bench back and started nuzztling into my face
Free again and my back pain easing things were quiet for a while.
It didn't last, a very wet Patterdale who had been in the sea and rolling in the sand was next
She padded along the bench,layed down and put her very wet head on my lap
Three very nice visits from some of my regulars but the timing was bad.
Resting for a while longer I got no more walking in apart from a slow painful walk home
Today another nice day but no walk for me just rest.


Gracie said:

I imagine you're spending time in the chair. That stinks. Just getting some good weather and this happens. Sometimes I really think God has a twisted sense of humor
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Oh dear, not good news. Hope you're resting, and that your back will feel better very soon Mickey.
2 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Poor you - I am in full sympathy for back pain. I know it's getting better, but you really must take it easy for a while - give it time to get itself sorted out.
2 years ago