Hello again
It's 3 wwes since I was last here because since the having been right on top[ of things in
the garden and enjoyig time outside I have been pretty much cabined up.The Met office told us that officially this is the worst summer in 10 years Yep that is true.

I know it is nowhere near the disasters some places have seen but ay after day looing out on a flooded gardenios pretty depressinng
Maybe we will get just one more break and I can get ut for a few walks,I hope so


Jenny McIntyre said:

I thought it would be classed as the worst summer in years. Mind you - I wouldn't want the scorching heat nor the floods, so I suppose we've been pretty lucky there.
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Lucky in comparison to many, I know, though it has been the pits and the start of things to come maybe?
2 years ago

Gracie said:

I hope for your sake things improve soon.. I know I would absolutely hate being stuck inside too long. I can definitely empathize.
2 years ago