My life is complete
Last night my Grandaughter Gemma gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Noah a little brother for Mia
So I have greatgrandchilren of both sexes.and I am bouncing


Gracie said:

Congratulations Mick! You lucky popop! Babies are the best! And such cuties!
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Oh he's adorable Mickey! Lovely photos, and what lovely news.
Congratulations to all.
2 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh many congratulations Mickey. I wish I knew my grandchildren when they were born. Mia is going to spoil Noah, but luckily both Gemma and Arron are brilliant parents and they will make sure he's treated normally.
2 years ago

Mickey fez said:

thanks for your kind thoughts I haven't come back to earth yet
2 years ago

raingirl said:

Congratulations! What a delight. Thanks for sharing your delightful news and pictures to go with!
2 years ago

Aus Blue said:

what a beautiful Boy...CONGRATIONLATIONS Mickey

a pigeon pair :)
2 years ago