sunny spells for a while then bad stuff happened
The weather has been cooler of late but not too bad,Today lwas going the same way until this happened

The rain was not alone it invited thunder along as well


Jenny McIntyre said:

We had very similar weather too, Mickey - it looks as if it's exactly the same, apart from the fact we didn't get the thunder. Not yet anyway!!!!
2 years ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

Lashed it down overnight / early this morning (28th July 2021) which barely seemed to wet the ground, it has been so dry lately, and then I could hear some distant thunder a few times during the afternoon - not very close as I didn't see any lightning.
2 years ago

Gracie said:

Looked like that here today for a bit. We actually had 3 tornado warnings which is rare for my area
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Yep, we had thunder and lightning, and copious amounts of rain over the past few days. Lovely! And no, no sarcasm intended. The cooler temperatures have been wonderful.
2 years ago