A nice stroll on a hot day

A lovely day here,the forecast was for 27c we hit 29c
I decided this was a perfect day for the little wilderness and channel side
I set off at noon before the heat set in and had a lovely3 mile meander
Here are some snaps


Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm really glad it didn't reach 37C, Mickey. I'd have to dig out my fan - I have an idea where it is, it's just a case of looking for it. It was warm enough anyway. If I lived as close to the beach as you - I'd be up there and having a swim on days like today. Just been to see your pics - great ones - especially the ones showing the channel.
2 years ago

Gracie said:

37 is ridiculous even for here! Nice shots. The sky is so clear and blue.
2 years ago

Mickey fez said:

OOPS Sorry for glitch the temp should be 27 not 37
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Lovely photos Mickey. Don't think I'd have gone walking in that heat though.
2 years ago