It's a while since I did that.
Do What? I hear you ask
Well for the frst Time in 22 years I went for a swim in the sea.
When my beloved Margaret was alive we spent a lot of time up the beach,Margaret didn't swim but loved messing about in the rock pools
When she died I just couldn't face the water without her by my side
I have been talking about it to Jenny for the last couple of days and today I made it happen and it was enjoyable but emotional at the same time.
While I was drying off a neighbour came and hugged me and said I did well and Margaret would have been so pleased
She and Margaret were good pals.so I thought that was nice of her and it made me feel good


Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm so happy for you, Mickey, that you have managed to go for a swim. In a way you've managed to get over that block, Margaret would have been very proud of you, as your neighbour said. Time for another one methinks, if this hot weather continues.
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Wow, that's not something I've done in an age, mainly because I'm not a competent swimmer, at least not in the sea. I love rock pool too, fascinating places.

Well done. Nice of your neighbour to say that, and hug you too.
2 years ago

Gracie said:

Thats a good one on you Mick. And the best way to remember your Margaret. Enjoyable too I bet.
Did I ever mention my middle name is Margaret?
2 years ago