Another scorcher another walk
Today with the temps at 29c again I set off of another walk,
As I passed the salt marshes I spotted a ship through the heat haze heading for port
Crossing the road I passed across the scruffy scub,this is the terrain us islanders like best,not the manicured lawns etc,
The walk was really hot and skin leaking,no shade today unlke yesterday
I finally got to the beach but even there not a wiff of a breeza
I clocked up just over thrree and a half miles,half a mile farther than yesterday.
I posted a few snaps click here


Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm so pleased that you managed to have another walk, although I do feel that walking in this heat isn't a good idea!!!! The sea here has been like a millpond with only small ripples and no waves. Amazing considering it's the Atlantic Ocean. Keep smiling though
2 years ago

Gracie said:

Jennys rright. Be careful in the heat. Keep water with you on these walks.
2 years ago

Bee Orchid said:

Exercise is good Mickey, but in this heat? I work, then spend the rest of the day hiding from the sun and the heat. Do be careful not to get heatstroke.

Nice photos.
2 years ago

Aus Blue said:

you real fit as a fiddle mickey
2 years ago