Why Collecting Images Using Old Technology Is So Awesome.
This page will contain thoughts surrounding an article I have written for The Looking Glass Magazine about my journey with using an 1898 Ross Protar.
Part of, and outside the scope of that article is the discussion about why using old lenses and cameras is so cool.
I would love to have a discussion with others about why they like using older technology and the issues surrounding that..
My photography seriously changed when I started using 'older' lenses and cameras.

Something serious happened as I began using and have continued to use
'old' technology. I don't actually think of cameras or lenses as 'old', therefore they interest me. Part of my mind simply thinks 'beauty', because I don't hold to the latest always being the best and the greatest. There is a fascination with using the technology that was part of making images that I love very much. ALONG with that however is a rebellious attitude. I am a working class boy from a working class family and had financial resources to just fork out and get new lenses or full frame cameras. On finding that I dont need the latest and the greatest to make beautiful images, more and more I have aquired 'old school' cameras and lenses and collected images that I like for more than I would perhaps if I had all the digital latest of everything ya got to have bucks kind of gear. Digital is quicker, easier to use in a workflow that may demand deadlines and huge as prints.
Reason No.1.
  • Resistance to the modern pre-occupation with the latest and the greatest, being where the best work is at.
And right there is one of the first reasons beyond being a somewhat recalcitrant individual. Old school technology slows things down, to a pace and rhythm that I enjoy and like.
So there's Reason No.2 for me.
  • Old school technology slow's things down a bit, has a rhythm and form.
I will add more as I go. What do you think?


Bob Taylor said:

I'll be interested in reading your further thoughts on this fascinating subject.
9 years ago

Graham Hughes replied to Bob Taylor:

Thanks Bob.....I will add more thoughts soon....time oh I feel your sting...need more time. :-). Would love to hear your thoughts too.
9 years ago

Sami Serola (inactiv… said:

There is a point =) In Europe there's so called Cittaslow movement: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cittaslow

People are just getting annoyed by too fast life style.

The same thing of everything getting too fast is with the science. Doctoral students are asked to finish their theses in few years, and no time to really think such issues like choice of paradigm, is not given.
9 years ago

Graham Hughes replied to Sami Serola (inactiv…:

Thanks Sami, I will check this out....
9 years ago