Lumen Prints
As we all know, light that is not man made originates from the sun. (I cannot help acknowledge the people here that think the sun shines from their nether rear regions...you know them too I know)
The sun is, I am told the source of life for our galaxy.I totally get why cultures worship the sun. The way that light falls on the world is what creates the images that our eyes see, and cameras capture on emulsion or digital sensor.
The lumen print in its simplicity and its science goes back to the very beginnings of photography. I personally find it very gentle and very beautiful as a process.
As with anything in photography, there can be many versions and variants of any process. There can also be people with rigid views on what constitutes a genuine this or that. As with much of the images I create, even if analogue born they are kissed by some form of digital process to share within a digital world with others.

I will share some of my fav images here and then leave you to enjoy an edition of Analogue Resistance mag, which is dedicated to Lumen Prints. I would encourage you if not ever having heard of Lumen Printing to do the old google image search and there you will find a rich array of images formed by the sun, and object and an emulsion.......

Analogue Resistance Vol 3. Click here.