I downloaded a lot of full size photos from Ipernity when the 100 gig cap was introduced. I did miss having them on Ipernity so this week i have been reducing the size of the photos and posting them back into Ipernity. The process is now complete and I have the photos back on Ipernity. They are all in albums and I find it easier to look for albums when I want to find a photo.

I hope I will be able to get out now with my camera and start to add new photos this week.


Jenny McIntyre said:

You have been so busy this week, Steve - and you've got flu or something like that - how did you manage to do it all? I'll have a quick look at your albums when I have time - but I'm so glad you didn't expect me to comment on all of them already!!!! LOL
4 years ago

Maeluk replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Hi Jenny, I have Adobe bridge and Photoshop. In Bridge there is an image processor, you can specify the size you want photographs. I specified 1600 max tall or 1600 max wide. I could then select all the photographs in an album and run the image processor. It automatically reduced the photos and I just had to post them back into Ipernity. (it didn't alter the originals and put the reduced photos into a new folder so it was a pretty fast process. Lucky, it would have taken an age one at a time :)
4 years ago