Deja Vu
I have just downloaded a lot of full size photographs from Ipernity due to the cap on storage here.

On the 5th of January I got an email from Smugmug who have taken over Flickr. On the bottom of the email were these terms :_

In the “User Content” section, the following has been added:
“From time to time, SmugMug may limit the amount of User Content, including your photographs, stored via the Site. SmugMug has the right, at any time, to remove your User Content stored on the Site in excess of such limits. Furthermore, if SmugMug were to terminate an account on the Site for any reason, all User Content associated with such account would be removed. While SmugMug will use reasonable efforts to notify you of such removal, whether by notice in the account or by email to the email you have specified in your account, it is your responsibility to download any User Content which you wish to save and make backup copies of all User Content to prevent the loss thereof.”
In the “Your Account” section, most of the following is new:
“SmugMug reserves the right to terminate your account and/or refuse access to the Services to anyone at any time, with or without cause, at its sole discretion.

I dont feel safe putting photos onto Flickr with these terms at all.

I have spent the time since this email taking off 8000 photographs from Flickr and I have saved every jpeg I still have on their site. I am looking for a catalogue program now for the photographs I have on external hd. It just feels like I have wasted hours but at least I know my photographs are safe.


Peggy C said:

Horsefeathers .......... don't those people have anything else to do ?
5 years ago

Stormlizard said:

It was expectred, even hinted long ago Steve when they first took Flickr under their wing.

I think home is the best place on external HD's or on obsolete bur usable PC's
5 years ago

Maeluk replied to Stormlizard:

I agree John. I have mine on two external hds now in case one fails. I will not be posting full size photos online again.
5 years ago

HappySnapper said:

I am not at all tech savvy Steve, how I operate is all my photos are uploaded into windows pictures via the Adobe organiser. the Adobe organiser has several ways for me to catalogue and extract photos I wish to see and a backup of the adobe catalogue is made each month to an external hard drive. In addition I make copies of the windows pictures files on another hard disk each month. I am not reliant on Ipernity in anyway to preserve my pictures. I ditched Flickr long ago.
5 years ago

Maeluk replied to HappySnapper:

I am now using Adobe Bridge to keyword my photos Maurice, I do have 28,000 to go through though. I found Bridge would add a keyword but it wont find it again unless you are in the right folder, I have lots of folders so it's not great. I am using file explorer to try and find photos on my external hard drive right now. I have my photos backed up onto two external hard drives in case one of them fails. I no longer rely upon flickr or Ipernity to back up my jpegs.
5 years ago