IMA Newsflash : 23rd November 2018
Dear members and friends of ipernity!

1) After having weighed all requests for changes made by the Community with regard to the new ipernity tariff structure, today we present you a revised proposal. It is intended to make this structure official by November 30, 2018, after a final fine-tuning, if necessary, so that Flickr and Google+ users who are willing to move will be able to find out what to expect from ipernity.

[Chart - which can be found here :-


New Membership Model (draft 2) ]

2) We aim to implement the new tariff structure into our website by March 31, 2019. There will be appropriate transitional arrangements for existing accounts. Club members should have protection of confidence. The deadline will be April 1, 2019. After this date, club subscriptions will only be renewed on the terms of the premium tariff group.

3) With regard to the future maximum premium storage quota of 100 Gibabyte, we will contact the 42 affected users directly. It is advisable that those affected consider before April 1, 2019 what content could possibly be dispensable or compressible so that the additional costs do not become too high.

4) In the discussion, it was often pointed out that in the future we will have to put much more emphasis on what makes us unique as a fellowship. We would like to ask you to help us gather the relevant aspects by using the brainstorming comments. So tell us please: "What is so unique about ipernity for you?"

Your ima team

[FR] & [DE] versions are here :- www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4713800


StoneRoad2013 said:

What is unique about Ipernity ?
As far as I am concerned ...
1) owned by the members (as an association)
2) functions such as folders, groups, articles (aka blog), personalisation, PIP, notes on pictures, videos / audio ...
3) professional white background and "empty space" separating images.
4) sense of community
5) cost is more than reasonable
these are my "top five" reasons for liking Ipernity.
5 years ago

Don Barrett (aka DBs… said:

What was unique to Ipernity for me, for many years, was the sense of community that developed. The ability to use photographs as a stimulus for discussion on a wide set of topics, ranging from the specific of photography, curiosities about the item photographed, and cultural/political topics brought up by the photograph. AND, the ability to have those discussions with a group that wasn't predominantly American (as in Flickr). Unfortunately that diminished very quickly with the change in ownership and the move of many to Flickr, but I have made sporadic attempts over the past year or so to re-engage on Ipernity, with little success. I'm sticking with you in hopes that will return, and will try again soon to find a 'groove' here.
5 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to Don Barrett (aka DBs…:

Thank you, Don
5 years ago

Stormlizard said:

StoneRoad2013 says most already.
I enjoy the magnitude of file types we can share here, I joined when Multipy com changed to beiing an online shopping mall instedofa filesharing platform, Ipernity offered exactly thesame though in a differentm way with a much stricter TOS which was a good thing.

Iperity is now Unique as there is no other site like it.

John Wellbelove.
5 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to Stormlizard:

Thank you, John
5 years ago

wirsberg said:

advantages which made me join the photo sharing club:
- users retain full control of copyright
- no commercial interests of turning users' content into provider's cash
- members' accounts are ad-free to all visitors
5 years ago