IMA NEWSFLASH : 16th November 2018
The [FR] & [DE] versions are here www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4713290


Dear members and friends of ipernity!

1) During the last two weeks Ipernity's performance was unfortunately not always as good as it should have been. The reasons were explained in the comments to the last Newsflash. In the meantime, various technical and organizational measures have been taken to recover the usual performance.

2.1) There are always requests about the warnings of modern browsers that ipernity is not safe. We would therefore like to point out again that ipernity has not become more insecure, but only the security rules of some browsers have been tightened. Ipernity is as secure as ever.

2.2) Our community currently cannot afford a complete encryption of the existing ipernity software. However, the sites on which sensitive personal data is transmitted have been encrypted. This meets all data protection requirements. We can only do more when funds are available. The budget is already very stretched.

3) During the last maintenance, some links were removed from the ipernity menus, which led to various tools that also needed to be upgraded, including the ipernity uploader. This 2009 tool is still available, but we cannot guarantee that it will work with all modern operating systems. You can find it under the link below and can continue to use it on your own responsibility. However, we cannot offer a support or an update. www.ipernity.com/about/uploader

If there is anyone within our community who could do such an update, of course we would be delighted!

4) Due to current requests from Flickr users who are willing to change, we have re-discussed the ideas we have repeatedly put on hold about a timely ipernity membership model within the ima team. After weighing up many, sometimes contradictory aspects, we have agreed on a first compromise internally, on which we would now like to hear your opinion:

{which can be seen here http://www.ipernity.com/doc/team/47668898}

Your ima team


Stormlizard said:

I think it is a good idea ifit ever comes to life.
5 years ago

Peggy C said:

Looks fine from here..
5 years ago