IMA Newsflash : 30th November 2018
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Dear members and friends of ipernity!

1. tomorrow the meteorological winter begins. Therefore we have switched the ipernity front page to "winter operation". Once again, we would like to thank the photographers whose pictures have helped to create a great variety[of motifs].

2 In order to disturb the ongoing operation as little as possible, the cleaning of the database was switched to individual account processing. To be on the safe side, each individual account history is checked. Because this work is very personnel-intensive, so far only 3,800 of 4300 affected accounts have been cleaned. Around 500 accounts are still to be processed. A final report can therefore only be given in the next Newsflash.

3. The manifold proposals from the community regarding the new subscription packages were weighed against each other and brought into the form presented here. These subscription packages replace starting from April 01, 2019 the past differentiation of the registered users into free users and club members. Appropriate transition rules will soon be developed for all existing accounts.


4. From December 1st, we will grant 6 bonus months to all users who register with ipernity and sign up for a club membership. (This offer is therefore valid for users with a registration number > 2,424,200.) In this way we want to make it possible for all interested parties who are interested in the new basic package to join ipernity now. At the end of the first year of their membership they can then decide for themselves in which form they would like to extend their membership.

5. In order to reward your help in recruiting new members more appropriately, we have upgraded the existing module www.ipernity.com/club/sponsorship. Instead of only 1 + 1 month as before, there will be 3 + 3 months credit for each newly recruited club member in the future. As before, only users who did not yet have a club subscription can be recruited. If this promotional offer is applied to new users according to §4, the bonus months from §4will be cancelled. Advertisers and hires then share the 6 bonus months of §5. (A combination of both offers is therefore not possible.)

Your ima team

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Thank you Team.
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