Image Updates (mainly from 2017 - so very belated!)
Updated to record the 90,000 visit milestone about 2300 (GMT) on 1st November 2018.

89,000 visits about 1200 (BST) on 8th October 2018.
88,000 visits approx. 8th of September 2018.
87,000 visits about 1300 (BST) on 19th August 2018
86,000 visits by early morning on 26th July 2018.
85,000 visit milestone was passed on the 1st of July 2018 (approx.)
84,000 visits were sometime during the first week in June 2018
83,003 visits just after 0745 on 12th May 2018.
82,000 visits just after 0900 on 17th April 2018.
81,000 visits just before 0930 on 24th March 2018,
80,000 visits around 13:30 on 2nd March 2018,
79,000 visits sometime during 9th February 2018,
78,000 visits around 13:30 GMT on 18th January 2018,
77,000 visits at about 11:00 GMT on 28th December 2017,
75,000 visits to my pages around 08:25 GMT on 15th November 2017.

Very many thanks to all my visitors, especially for all the comments and favourites.

There is an major update in progress (working in batches ) ...
Still playing catch-up with 2017 images, some 2018 images are sneaking into the photostream.
After a very long time (end of April, in fact), I have been able to devote some time to uploading some more images. There are a lot to do, so it will be some time before I can say that I am really up to date with this. I will also reduce my group memberships slightly. (This process was started on the 19th October 2017 and will be continued at intervals over the next few days/weeks, depending on progress)
The images will be a mixture of home, garden and other interests plus a good number of restoration project records, which will - because of the time lag involved - have a seemingly chaotic appearance within my uploads. I hope to sort into order within the appropriate albums and folders as quickly as possible, plus the keywords, adding to groups ...
Batch a = 31 images
Batch b = 33 images
Batch c = 10 images (NSR23)
Batch d = 19 images
Batch e = 23 images
Batch f = 17 images
Batch g = 35 images
Batch h = 10 + 12 (apologies, this is with delays ! - first 10 were uploaded as a test)
Note : sorted out, and unlocked, the remaining images showing Emoyeni "at sea" ...
Batch j = 22 images
Batch k = 24 + 20 + 5 images ("Big Saloon")
Batch m = 31 + 23 images (Bowes 971)
Batch n = nnn images (Knotty Brake and final shots of Bowes 971)
Batch p = nnnn images (random things like the weather, plants and animals)
Batch q = progress on NSR23 (ABC) and new project (Isle of Man "pairs" F62)

These last two batches will (hopefully) bring uploads more or less up to date. There is a major new project, which is due to be arriving shortly.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I honestly don't know how you find the time when you take into consideration all the things you do. I do admire the restoration projects you do.
6 years ago

Mickey fez said:

Well done John keep the brain active
6 years ago

Pam J said:

You have my admiration !
5 years ago ( translate )