Brand Loyalty
In the past, I've maybe been a brand snob. I've always bought Birds Eye peas, Heinz beans, Warburton's crumpets, and so on. With prices rising way faster than my salary, I've been looking at alternatives. I've liked Lurpak butter for a long time, but now, the price is just silly so we've switched, mostly, to a vegan margerine. It's pretty nice on a sandwich, though for toast, I do prefer Lurpak however I won't buy it unless I see it on offer somewhere. Crumpets are now store own brand which are a fraction of the cost and taste almost as good as my usual. Beans: I've switched to Branston. There are cheaper brands, though these have a good write-up and frankly, I can barely taste the difference and they're a lot cheaper than Heinz. Peas, are also now an own brand from the store I work in, and they're just as nice, and again, a lot cheaper.

I've been asking for more hours, and therefore more money, for the past year due to rising costs. Initially I was advised there could be hours available, particularly at the weekend, though this has now switched to January, maybe. We have a lot of new starters for the Christmas period, and if they keep them on without offering current staff more hours, then I'll approach the union. Our new contracts state we should be offered the hours before new staff are employed. As it is, I've worked, on average, an extra 5 hours a week for the past 6 weeks or so though that may now stop due to new starters. I do have a lot of overtime booked for the Christmas period, so that will all help.

We've made a number of small changes to the shopping, and this pay period I've definitely spent less. Pennies saved here and there, and maybe more, doesn't seem like a lot though it soon adds up and I'm pleased with the savings made thus far with just some basic changes to purchases, and bulk buys where possible, and short-dated items too.

This past week I did make an unpleasant 'find' in the garden. I have a number of buckets around the garden, and following heavy rain I went to empty them, only to find a dead mouse in one of them. OMG! That was most unpleasant. I toyed with just bagging and binning it, but didn't have the heart and besides, bin day wasn't due for almost a fortnight so I dug a small hole in the gravel bed and burried it. I know they're rodents, but it was so small it was a little sad. Despite wearing gloves, I then washed my hands so many times...

My time off has been good so far. Some good sleep, some not so much. I made rough puff pastry - first time ever - and using the mincemeat I'd made in early October, I made a mincemeat lattice. It was good! I didn't take a photo as it had leaked lol, and didn't look fantastic, but it tasted very good and that's the main thing.

Wednesday I escaped early to do some grocery shopping. I don't know where my mind was, but I came home and realised I hadn't bought quite a few items we needed, so had to go out again on Thursday morning. D'oh!

Well, that's enough for now. We have some glorious sunshine today (Thursday) whilst London has had rain of biblical proportions. Take care.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I buy from Asda (they deliver that's why!!) and I admit I do use their brand products. I do spend money on Lurpak, as it's my favourite too, but as I don't smoke nor drink, nor go out, I feel I can splash out on Lurpak!!!! With everything going up like you say - and my pension is staying the same, I've had to curb my wishes for some different items, but until things get better, that's the only thing I can do. I hope you get your hours sorted out and not have them "nicked" by new staff.

We had a mixture of rain and sun today. It's gone really cold now (10C) and I've actually put my radiator on for a couple of hours today, never mind eh? Enjoy the rest of your break.
15 months ago

Gracie said:

Ah yes, the infamous line from our lovely President who says inflation is under control. Right.. We are generally set reasonably well with our money but I also keep a close eye so we stay well. We're comfortable but not rich. Now costs are rising so fast Ive made some serious changes in spending, particularly with the food market. Also I used to do take out once a week besides our Saturday out at a local diner. Ive basically given up the take out in exchange for a simple meal made by me.
I also have looked at other brands for different items though its hard to keep up when every week something I buy regularly jumps sometimes as much as double! I think my head wlll fall off as Im constantly shaking my head ar the prices.Some things I refuse to buy until if and when they go on offer unless I absolutely need it.. I cannot justify the prices of some items.
Enjoy the rest of your time off. The weather has been nice here though unfortunately Ricks motorcycle is out of commision at rhe moment. .
15 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Jenny - Lurpak is good, tho as I said, I wait until I see an offer on.
It was a glorious day, great for laundry, though later we had the heating on for an hour before bed. Even then, I awoke in the night because I was cold. Another sunny day forecast for today tho rain moving in for Saturday. At least rain should make it feel warmer.

Gracie - We're seeing similar here with some items that were £1, now costing £1.30 or even £1.50 which is way higher than the 10% rate of inflation they keep on about. I wish it was 'only' 10%!
Hope the motorcycle is nothing expensive.

I've noticed on a lot of picks, if something is on offer, the customers are buying it in multiples, sometimes even as many as 10 of the same item. That's ok if you have the initial outlay, and the storage room.
15 months ago