Like Flies
This week, colleagues and management have been dropping like flies. Some kind of bug going around: severe sore throat, a temperature, and feeling nauseous. Nice! I've kept my head down, kept my distance, and just got on with my job. There's been a lot of overtime this past week due to staff off, and I worked almost 7 hours extra. Oh my feet know it!

I did chat with one colleague who was asking where I was from, as she thought she could hear some South African in my accent. What!?! Of all the places we lived when I was younger, that was not one of them. I told her I've lived mostly in Wales though she said she wasn't getting that. A customer said similar. Weird...

Friday through to Sunday, the store was so busy and people seemed to be buying anything that didn't move. No idea what that was about. I'd bought a few items on Saturday, including bread, which was a good thing as Sunday, we were wiped out of bread for the second week running. Is something going on and I didn't get the memo? lol

I also bought some new yogurt that was on offer, and was in the style of mascarpone with a layer of peach and apricot on top. OMG it's good! If it's still on offer next week, I'll get another pack of it. I tried a Graze bar too that was also on offer. That was nice as well, and being individually wrapped, will be good for a snack in my locker if I work overtime at short notice. I'm not the only one who keeps 'emergency' snacks in their locker.

Lots of noisy kids, same old... One woman was pushing her trolley and had a kid in the child seat. The other 3 kids with her were all hanging off the trolley rather than walking. Good grief. It was a busy, noisy week, and I'm glad it's over.

I now have a week off. Yay! I plan to give my feet some TLC and generally have a nice rest. I have the usual housework to do, but nothing planned so will just take it easy. Sometimes I wish I was going away in my time off - my manager is just back from Spain, a colleague is going to Canada for a break. I could go away but I simply can't be bothered with the hassle of sorting it all out and Covid is still too rampant for my liking. Would I really enjoy going away on my own anyway? The last time I went to Cardiff to visit friends and family I was left disappointed and the cost of the journey puts me off too. I'm just a homebody lol.

Have a good week.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I'd heard that there's a new strain of COVID running around, mainly to those who've already had the booster jabs!!! I also heard that Wuhan in China has another severe case of something similar to COVID - and has therefore had the isolation rules going on. I don't think they stopped the "wet market" which started the whole COVID situation in the first place. There are times when I've actually been pleased that I'm housebound when I think of trying to cope with fractious children and rude customers. You must have the patience of a saint. Enjoy your week off and just relax if you can.
15 months ago

Gracie said:

Since similar things are happening everywhere my guess the rush is the next diesel fuel shortage which is near. All the trucks run on diesel so once thats out ... Restocking will be few and far between.
Keep your distance from all those sick people and keep the hands washed and to yourself. I barely touched any of the rails or door handles on the cruise. I think those places are real germ fests.
Enjoy the time off. Get some rest and relaxation.
15 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Jenny - my patience sometimes surprises even me! lol. What I say under my breath isn't repeatable. I intend to relax :)
I've read about these new strains, and the situation in China. Some places just seem to have 'dirty' practices and they won't be told, or learn, no matter the widespread consequences.

Gracie - You could be right. Each pay day, I do a good re-stock as we have a bigger discount which helps a lot.
I keep to myself as much as possible, and carry my own antiseptic wipes, and hand sanitiser too.
I will.
15 months ago