Losing my Mind
Regular readers will know that food-wise at least, my head has not been in the game recently. As per my previous blog I'd been out grocery shopping Wednesday, forgot a number of items, and had to go out again on Thusday. On Friday we were scheduled to have haloumi (cheese) 'burgers'. Friday lunchtime, and my son is browsing the fridge, and he noted we didn't actually have any haloumi! OMG. I quickly walked over to the nearby supermarket and bought the requisite haloumi LMAO. Dinner was good; slices of haloumi browned in a ridged skillet, with a pineapple ring, sauteed mushrooms, and sweet potato fries. So much nicer than a beefburger IMO.

Saturday I managed to stay at home. Sunday I popped out to the supermarket to get some things we needed. It's the supermarket that I work for, just a different and bigger branch. I bought a number of items that I wanted that were reduced, and with my staff discount too, I had a third off the bill. Fantastic! I popped into a clothes shop to buy my son some joggers as his are getting scruffy, and one pair even has holes in. He hates to ask for anything, though I don't begrudge him clothes. I then popped into the supermarket that I worked in for all of a week over 2 years ago. Oh, I don't like this store. The celing is very low and dark, and the whole store feels oppressive. I didn't buy a single item, I just wanted to get out of there. It was packed though honestly I don't know how people can stand it in there.

Today we're having a small pork loin joint that was short-dated so cost about a third less than full price. It's not big, though ample for the 2 of us, along with roast veg and cider gravy. Nice! Just wish I'd remembered apple sauce...

Next week it's back to work. I've enjoyed my time off even if I didn't go anywhere special. I'm hoping there'll be some overtime on offer though with all the new starters, it may be slim pickings.

Temperatures here have dropped to 7C today, and it's grim! Lots of cloud, drizzle, and feels very cold. I'm wearing 4 layers in the house, and have added an extra blanket to my bed. We've even had the heating on the past 2 nights for an hour before bedtime just to take the chill off.

I'm hoping that most fireworks have now been used up; Friday night wasn't too bad, but frankly Saturday night they were getting on my nerves even though we no longer have a dog who was scared of them. I'm amazed people have the money to 'waste' on such things to be honest.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, and have a good week ahead.


Jenny McIntyre said:

Don't worry Fran, my brain goes into meltdown several times a week. I'm going through the "while I'm at it...." but I also have to write down notes to remind myself to do things, otherwise I'll completely forget things and then remember when it's too late to do anything!!! I think it's called - growing old!!!!! I wish I felt like cooking though - my freezers are completely full, yet I can't be bothered to cook! Sad eh?

Oh boy temps of 7C is really cold. Ours just dropped to 11C with constant rain and that was bad enough. I've put the radiator on today - it's just taken the chill off the air.

Have a great week to come and I hope you're offered overtime.
12 months ago

Gracie said:

I make lists every week but either I forget the entire list, (not particularly helpful) or somehow I miss an item on the list as if it wasn't right there. Which is definitely a "duh" moment. So don't feel bad. You're far from alone.
Weve had temps these four days of around 20-22. Its been nice but Tuesday the drop comes.
Back to autumnal weather.
12 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Jenny - I use post it notes that are taped to cupboards to remind me if something is time sensitive. I even have one on the washing machine lol. Getting old... That's one reason I'm trying desperately to keep the job I was hired to do - it's easy and no complications!

Gracie - Oh I often 'miss' things that are on the list lol.
The weather is set to be sunny but cold from Wednesday. Typical! I've had some really dreary and wet weather in my week off.
12 months ago