Some Sanity
Last Monday, I blitzed my bedroom, including vacuuming under the bed. I did a pile of laundry, got it dried outside, and ironed and put it away too. We had some lovely weather. I also cleaned the bathroom, and gave the kitchen a minor cleaning. That night, I slept for 9 hours! That was good, and a real surprise. Tuesday I took it a little easier lol.

Workwise, I managed over 5 hours of overtime so that was good, though sleep was not so forthcoming with my leg throbbing most of the night despite taking pain meds. Stupid nerves, again.

Customers were mostly good, though one did make me smile in an ironic way. She was scanning her own shopping, and showed me an error on her scanner; something hadn't scanned. I told her how to get out of the error message, and she said she didin't know what she had last put in her trolley. How am I supposed to know? Anyway, in talking to me, she suddenly remembered, scanned the item, and carried on.

The manager was in, and tapped a colleague on the shoulder to say hello. Well, her outburst was a shock. She called him an idiot for startling her. His face was a picture, he looked so shocked. I don't know if anything came of that, though I would have had a quiet word, apologised for scaring her, but tell her it isn't appropriate to call the manager an idiot on the shop floor. That's just me.

The weather has been chengeable; some sunny and glorious days, warm for the time of year; 12C before 6am is warm. Anyway, Sunday the heavens opened and we had torrential downpours, some localised flooding, and some thunder too. It was epic! By the time I left, it had stopped raining thank goodness, though driving home I did wonder why traffic was so slow. Just past a traffic stop, there was water in the road that looked quite deep. I have a small car, what Americans would call a compact, so followed the traffic, not too closely, and drove through the flood telling the car: Please don't stall. Driving carefully, and slowly, we all made it through after which I pumped the brakes a little to ensure they still worked! More rain overnight though nothing like as heavy.

Minor political comment: BoJo has decided not to run for PM and withdrawn. That's a blessing! Him even thinking of running again after his behaviour during the farce that was Lockdown just shows how low politics has become in the UK. I'm thinking Rishi will be the new PM. He should have won last time IMO though I knew he wouldn't. I've no idea if he'll be good or not, though we desperately need some stability, politically speaking, in the UK.

I have 2 days off now, and this morning we had a small cooked breakfast; bacon and so on. Nice! We don't have it regularly, though once in a while I do enjoy it.

5 days of work, then I'm on leave again. I had wanted to take leave later in November, however my request was denied. I have my Christmas hours all sorted, 18 hours overtime over 2 weeks including 2 extra shifts. Sounds a lot, though last year, we didn't once work until the expected time, so doubt I'll need to work those hours. Still, you have to grab it whilst it's on offer. Only blip, is that 4 days, I have to start at 5am! Sheesh! Last year, I was given the option of a normal start, though this year it wasn't on offer. Some are starting at 4am, though I stated I couldn't do that. I need my sleep!

Enjoy the rest of the week. Warmer here, though very damp. I'm not expecting to see sunshine for a few days at least.


Gracie said:

I agree about the manager and employee. She’s lucky he didn’t fire her. Even if it wasn’t a boss that was a rude and unnecessary comment. Older or younger? Just curious.
9 hours huh? I already had my 8 hour night of the year. That’s it for a bit. Wouldn’t want to over do it would we?
Came home to damp and cloudy. Just like the majority of the trip. Adds to the cold and sniffles I also brought home..
15 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Wow - I look forward to reading your blogs, Fran - it shows me what I'm missing by not going out to the shops!!!! Those hours sound horrendous to me - starting at 5am!!!!!!!! and of course with the days being shorter, you'll be going to work at night and coming home at night!!!

Well just heard that Rishi Sunak has been chosen for the Prime Minister's position. There is no way I'd be comfortable taking it on at the moment - it doesn't exactly inspire confidence. I thought that the money normally awarded to PM's won't be available for Liz Truss. I damn well hope not - it's her as PM that has made us a laughing stock. Also I'm confused as to which Chancellor with whatever budget is the one we are having to accept. We've had 3 different ones with a different budget in as many weeks!!! I just hope Rishi will have more feeling for us common folk than the others had.

It's still cold here - but I've been good so far - I haven't put the heating on yet. Still it might happen soon methinks.
15 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Gracie - She's been there a very long time, and really should know better. She's a little younger than me.
Very damp here now too. I've had the sniffles since my flu jab. Nothing major though.

Jenny - I'll be home in daylight, as each my shifts usually finish around lunch time. I need the money, as do we all...
From what I've read, on various news sites, she will be eligible to claim that money, which is a travesty considering the damage she did in such a short time.
No heating on here either though I have had to use the tumble dryer just to finish clothes off for a few minutes. So far, we're in credit on the fuel bill so that's a relief. No central heating on, using the microwave combi more, rather than the big oven. Just being very careful.
15 months ago