Yet More Lies
Honestly, I thought BoJo was bad, but Truss? She takes deceit to a whole new level.

The government had introduced a 2-year cap on the amount we could be charged per unit of energy which for many of us was a huge relief. Still expensive, though an improvement on bills costing thousands per year. They also planned for a slight cut in income tax from April next year. Now? That's all been thrown out of the window and the cap will end in April. Just watch the bills rise inexorably then! Oh, and he's just announced that 'state pensions triple lock could be scrapped.'

I predict more energy firms will go out business as the general public simply won't be able to afford to cook much, let alone heat water or our homes. With Hunt now the new chancellor, we're in for a very rough ride. Look at how 'well' he ran the NHS! Not for nothing was he called: Hunt, rhymes with... a very bad word.

The UK will get to a point, if nothing improves, where it won't pay to be employed. The amount of taxes I pay, I get no help at all, then at some point will it be worth working? My sister barely worked a day in her life and owns (mortagaged) her own house, drives a much newer car (4 years old) than me (12 years old), and has more disposable income than me.

We need a GE now so that at least people can choose which party they want and hopefully have one that at least gives a d*mn about ordinary people, because at the moment we don't have that, not by a long shot.


StoneRoad2013 said:

I quite agree, Fran. Truss is joke, and a very bad one for most people in this country.

Personally, I think that changing the party leader - especially one with such radically different policies - should be an automatic trigger for a general election.
Same with crossing to the other side of the House, that should trigger a by-election ...

Truss & Kwarteng's mini-budget was all for the very, very rich, and although *unts's effort has reversed [u-turned] on most of that disaster ...
I am quite convinced that "trickle-down" does not work well enough - if it even works at all - to do much towards solving the current post-covid economic & energy crisis ...

Trouble is, what should be the main alternative [thanks to Blair] isn't that different in many of their intended policies. And people are too scared of "left-wing" politicians that they don't vote 'em into power.
That's because thatcher's "I'm alright, jack = personal greed" and "no such thing as society" thought processes have become deeply entrenched in many people's brains.

Which is another reason why she & her successors have so severely ham-strung the trade union movement and the very idea of fighting for the common good has become, largely, unfashionable.

Sorry, I'll git orf me soapbox !
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

No Sara, you rant away. I'm in total agreement with you and you 'voiced' it so eloquently. 12 years of Tory rule has been an absolute disaster for all but the rich and Tory career politicians.

Under their rule, longevity has actually stalled, and even gone into reverse. Longevity was the reason given for raising the retirement age so much. Now they've obliterated that, they should reverse it somewhat, for both genders though they won't; they'll be just as happy if we all work until we drop dead, literally.

Labour needs to up their game so that they'll be a real contender, especially if a GE is called sooner rather than later. I don't think the UK can take much more of this to be frank.
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm with you both here - Truss goes from one debacle to another. I'd heard that she was constantly turning round and changing her mind in the positions she held. Apparently she'd made a laughing stock of herself in all the jobs, so why - why- why did the MP's vote for her to take over? Maybe she'd promised to get things going for the rich. Is there no-one in the Government or any other party who still knows what it's like to try and manage on the pittance we get for pension and will then fight for fairness? I despair of this government - I thought other countries had problems, but surely not as bad as ours (well apart from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and of course - Russia!!)
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. No arguments here.

Latest news: Truss has now resigned, and frankly, looked like the cat that got the cream, smirking to herself. Despicable!

We need a GE now!
16 months ago

StoneRoad2013 said:

The Truss resignation [c13;30 on 20th] makes the record for the shortest time as PM, will we get the early general election ?

I was at a function when the news came out, shall we just say that it was received with some degree of acclaim !
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Sara. Good new, as she's useless, however as before, nobody is steering the country to a better future for all of us.

Despite serving only 45 days, Truss can now claim £115,000 pa for the rest of her life, according to Yahoo News. No wonder she's smirking!
16 months ago