Brattish Behaviour
Last week was a bit of a mixed bag: My Birthday came and went, I had a couple of cards, and a nice gift from my son - useful tools for the kitchen that I'd asked for. The previous day I'd been talking with my kid sister, and she suddenly realised she'd forgotten my Birthday. I made light of it though in truth, I was deeply disappointed. For my Birthday dinner we had takeaway curry from our 'usual.' I always enjoy the meal though always 'suffer' from too much salt afterwards which apart from cost, is one reason why we only have takeaway about 2 or 3 times a year, yes, I said year lol. I made a black forest gateau for my cake which was nice. I used a coconut-based cream as we're both a tad lactose intolerant. It worked. I had an extra day off to allow for any ill-effects from curry though apart from thirst, I was fine.

The rest of the week dragged by until Sunday. I worked a 7 hour shift, and made a nice amount of overtime last week. Again, we had some real brats in the store. One toddler was meacing his baby sister in the same trolley, so Mum carried her. The boy then proceeded to try and kick his Dad who was pushing the trolley. When that failed to ellicit a resonse, he leaned back, grabbed an item from the trolley, and threw it to the floor. What a brat! He wasn't the only one being brattish. I'd hate to be a parent to a young child now; even if you don't actually smack them, at least we had that 'threat' when mine was young. Now, parents don't have that, and I swear, a generation of brats is being raised with no discipline. Goodness only knows what kind of adults they'll turn into.

I had my flu jab which was very quick, though I did ask them to put a plaster on it as the previous year I bled all over my shirt sleeve. This year, barely a drop, nor a bruise so the nurse was obviously well practised. My arm still aches though... Just waiting for a Covid booster now, when they have staff availability.

I often look out of my bedroom window and gaze longingly at a large tree further up the street. Last week, I noted a big yellow crane was near the tree, which now was half the size! I could see a man up the tree, and later I noted the tree had gone. Obviously I don't know if it was diseased, or a danger to their house, though I hate seeing lovely old trees being cut down. If I ever come into a large sum of money, I plan to buy a piece of woodland simply so I can look at the trees, and leave them alone. I love trees...

That's about it, nothing exciting to report lol, though I have noticed someone has added me to their list. They'll probably be the same as all the others that add me; never once come by my page nor comment. I swear some are just after numbers; sad really. I wish I could stop them though aside from blocking them, which seems a tad overkill, I can't see how. Worst thing about this site IMO.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh I'm so sorry Fran, that I didn't wish you a happy birthday. Happy belated birthday anyway. You say that you only have takeaways 2 or 3 times a year - I have them about once every 5 years!!!! So we are very similar there. Although there have been times lately - that I'd love to just phone up a takeaway and get them to deliver something - but it's way too pricey isn't it?

Brattish behaviour - yes we were lucky to have had the option of a quick smack when our kids were young. I remember I only had to do this once - I was in BHS and Mandi was about 2 and she started to play up. She wanted something, and I said she couldn't have it, she then proceeded to scream and stamp her feet. I told her that if she did that again, I'd smack her bottom. She did it again - so I picked her up, put her across my arm, and smacked her bottom, then put her back on the floor. She looked so shocked - but I never had to do that again. She behaved herself everytime we went shopping!!! In fact I don't remember having to smack my kids after they were about 3 or 4 years of age. I hate to imagine what these kids nowadays are going to be like later on.

You'd love to see what I see every day - my garden is just completely full of trees. I also love trees and even though they do need trimming, I'm scared of asking anyone to do it, because they might just take too much off.
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. I don't broadcast it, tho did expect my own sister to remember.

I think society is in for a rude awakening once these brats grow up.

I love the photos you post of your garden, so many trees and plants :)
16 months ago

Gracie said:

You can still discipline children with non-corporal punishment. Regardless, I think its less removing the physical and parents not doing anything at all! Most times the threat or action of being grounded or removal of tv etc is enough. Unless you have a little monster. Then you need a good length of rope and a mouth gag..
I like trees. We used to think about getting a piece of property we could plant our own Christmas trees.
Glad your birthday went well.
15 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie. Rope and gag eh? lol
15 months ago