A Good Week
This past week has been a good one. We had notice that we're being given a second pay rise from November; it's not a massive rise however every little helps. They're also going to bring forward our pay review to the spring, so hopefully that'll mean more money too, earlier in the year than the usual August date.

We have 'new' contracts soon, and I've gone to great lengths to notify my manager that, in the main, I want to continue doing the job I was hired to do. Missives from the union lead me to suspect that we could be moved anywhere, and work any hours, with not a lot of notice. Hmmm. He's confirmed that mainly I will be picking as there's a lot of work for our section. He also knows that there's quite a lot of jobs I can't do due to age, arthritis, being a wussy girl - my words...

We've recently had free toiletries from work, and this week, there were snacks, biscuits, and some canned goods too, free for the taking. Much of it was end of line though we didn't waste time snapping up some goodies. After my lunch break today, I helped myself to a little pot of fruit in jelly. It was pretty nice. Don't know why they're not selling well.

I took chocs and jellies in today as it's my Birthday next week. Colleagues often take in goodies, and I frequently have some, so it was my turn to donate lol. I never try the cupcakes, or muffins that they sometimes have, but chocs, or small bags of jelly sweets are a nice sugar hit while we're working.

I managed to work 5.5 hours overtime this week. It wasn't too hard work though my feet and back are a little sore. I now have 3 days off to recuperate; I booked a day off on top of my usual 2 to use up some leave.

Customers were mostly good, though increasingly we're seeing, and hearing, some real brats in the store. Some need a swift clip around the ear though as most people know, parents aren't allowed to smack their children anymore, and boy do they know it! Hmm no smacking, would a flicked ear count? LMAO

Not much planned for the next few days apart from a dental checkup, nice lol, and a takeaway curry, hopefully, for my Birthday. We average 2 or 3 takeaway's a year lol - big spenders...

Take care and have a good week.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I'm pleased to hear that these last few days have passed on well and that you're now having 3 days off. Yes I must admit that a smack on the bottom used to do the right thing for stopping bad behaviour. I found out that denying my children time on the tv worked just as well, although nowadays they can access the tv in so many ways, which is a nightmare in itself.!!! So glad I had my kids when I did!!!!

Enjoy your dental checkup and please enjoy your birthday. It's good that you can help yourself to cheaper goods etc. You deserve it if you keep working likt you do. I wish you a great week to come.
16 months ago

Gracie said:

As you say anything more helps in the $ department. Sounds like they're a not half bad company to work for.
I hope you do get your take out food, that they make a mistake and undercharge you and its very enjoyable. I hope your dentist visit is painless. And if things don't finish their trip over the pond in time,, you know I wish you a very, very happy birthday!
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny. Yes, my son was sometimes denied the TV due to naughty behavior, and he never had his own TV in his room, unlike a lot of kids these days. No, I wouldn't want to be a parent to a young child now.

Oh I intend to enjoy my Birthday, I always do :) We have takeaway planned, and we're going to make a black forest gateau as my cake. Lots of cakes one can buy, but I know our efforts will be better.
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie. So far, I like them as an employer and most colleagues are nice which always helps.

Thank you :) 3 more years until I can get my pension lol
16 months ago