Heigh Ho
... It's back to work on Wednesday. It's been a nice break. I didn't do anything specific, abondoned ideas of a day out - bad weather in the main, though it was good. I had a nice haircut. I've been growing out the layers, growing it longer, though in truth it no longer suits me. My hair is fine, going grey - obviously lol, and all I do is tie it up and get a headache to boot, so off with it! I had about 1.5 inches off, layers put back in, and I'm much happier with it. I can, only just, tie it into a small ponytail though for work I can now wear it loose due to, lack of, length, or just tie the sides up to keep it from my face.

I've done some batch cooking: turkey meatballs, kofta, and beef caserole. I usually buy beef pieces and just make enough for one meal. This time, I bought a piece of beef and cut it myself as it was cheaper. Divided it into 3, froze one portion, then cooked 2 lots; one for dinner, one for the freezer. It took slightly longer than usual, though we now have an easy meal for another day that can simply be heated on the hob. Long term, it will have saved me some money, however I won't cut my own pieces again; Tuesday, and my shoulders and wrist are still sore from the effort. I'm getting old LMAO

My son and I like the idea of mince pies however in the main, they often disappoint; pastry too dry, too little filling. The jars of mincemeat you can buy don't look much better, so I've made my own. It looks great, tasted good, then I added brandy, and it's soooo good lol. I plan to make a mincemeat lattice one day using home made rough puff pastry that I saw being made on TV. The mincemeat has to 'prove' for a few weeks, then I'll be in the kitchen.

Oh, I cleaned plant saucers too. Most of the smaller plants were drowning from too much rain so I removed their saucers. After looking at them, and thinking they make the garden look untidy, I cleaned them, dried them, and I've put them away. I have another batch to clean though they can wait for a nicer day. I don't bother removing the saucers from the big plants; even if my son helps me, it's too big a job as the plants are heavy.

So, that's about it. On the political front - look away now lol - it was gratifying to see that the Tories have done a u-turn on scrapping the higher rate of tax. Giving the rich a tax break whilst the rest of us are struggling, and stating that you're cutting public services and going after people on benefits, to fund it is simply not acceptable. It's gratifying too, to see a petition calling for a general election has reached over half a million signatures. You can only push people so far...

Enjoy the rest of the week, I shall be working hard.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I had heard that people were saying that Liz Truss won't last until Christmas! Thank heavens - she has been an awful Prime Minister and only been around for just over a month!!!! I think I've given up on politics - they all are the same - only out for themselves.

I'm glad you rested a bit during the latter half of your break. I often buy larger cuts of meat and divide them into smaller pieces, and freeze most of them - I'm still managing to have meals which cost less that £1 which to me I'm chuffed. I have 3 freezers and they all are full. I get fruit etc when in season and freeze them, so I don't have to pay more when they're out of season.

I've got so many plants in my lounge, which is good, but at least I don't have to worry about their saucers getting too water-logged. I hope the rest of the week will be good to you.
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny.

Yes, career politicians to a 'man' as they say.

I've rested lots, and caught up on sleep :) A freezer is so useful. I have a fridge freezer, but wish I could have a small chest freezer too. We lack sockets in this house.

Your plants are lovely and make your room so vibrant. I've had some house plants though they don't seem to thrive for me so I stick to outdoor plants.
16 months ago

Gracie said:

As I said before, the vacation always goes so fast.. But it does seem like you put the time to good use. Having those meals done is a huge help. Especially after a full days labor.
I just got my hair cut yesterday Had an inch or so removed and more lsyers added... Hmmm. Me thinks great minds?? Lol!
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie.

Yes, I always try and balance some R&R and getting on top of housework.

Oh, that's funny about the hair, tho I suspect yours is shorter than mine. Definitely great minds :)
16 months ago