Friday marks the half-way mark of my time off. Aside from the weather, which has not been good, I've had a nice break. I've done the usual housework: beds, laundry, ironing, and not a lot else, for a change. I did some light weeding during a dry spell, and I've defrosted the fridge-freezer. I emptied it into freezer bags, removed all the draws and shelves, and gave it a really good clean. It wasn't dirty, though the manufacturer did state that it should be fully defrosted about every 18 months; I'm a little behind, though at least it's done now.

My son and I have cooked some nice meals including a stir-fry served with (shop-bought) gyoza. These were from the discount store, vegetarian, and very nice. 3 is my limit (small ones) as they're a tad spicy. We've also had a lovely vegetarian 'sausage' and bean caserole; just the thing for these cooler days. I've had some sour cherries in the freezer for a few months, and turned half the bag into a cherry crumble. OMG! I served it with thick coconut-based cream. So nice! My son is lactose intolerant, and too much cream, cheese, milk doesn't sit well in my stomach, so these coconut versions are great. The yogurt is especially nice.

The cooker is still waiting for a clean, maybe I'll get around to it lol. Other than that, I've been taking it easy. I've stayed at home, mostly, chilling, though Friday I did pop to a large supermarket which had a clothes sale on. I bought my son a big chunky hooded dressing- gown with a big discount on it, and some new cargo trousers for myself. I've mentioned before, my phone is wearing a hole in my trouser pocket, so the side pocket will be great. I just have to hem them; the only pair in the store that had the correct waist size, is at least an inch too long. Oh well, that's what sewing machines are for.

At the tills, I stood behind an old man who was messing about with his wallet. He had 4 or 5 small items, and hadn't put them on the conveyor belt. He dropped his wallet. Then began fiddling in his wallet again. At that point, I switched tills. 2 people were in front of me, both finished quickly, and I put all my shopping through, and paid. The old man still hadn't paid! Thank goodness I'd switched tills. I had some vouchers to spend, plus the discount on the clothes, and came away a very happy Fran. It's now pouring down. Ho hum. Can't expect much else I guess, taking leave this late in the year.

Enjoy the rest of the week. My crossword is calling me...


Jenny McIntyre said:

You make me feel so exhausted reading about how much you've done in only 5 days off!!!! That poor old man - maybe he's still trying to pay!!!! Just remember that you wanted to change to working the tills - do you still want to do that???? I just love coconut based custard - in fact anything that has coconut in it is gorgeous. I hope you have a great weekend.
16 months ago

Gracie said:

I have a small fridge/ freezer in our basement that was my moms. It needs defrosting too. I'll get there.
Time off always goes so much faster than work days.
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Jenny - that's not a lot compared to what I did last time I was off. I've been taking it easy and enjoying the break. Catching up on TV too lol

Gracie - Supposedly they run better if defrosted at regular intervals. It didn't take too long to clean and have a sort out.
Yes, it's gone quite fast so far. Never mind...
16 months ago