This week has been so busy. From Friday to Sunday inclusive, I worked almost 6 hours extra. My feet know it! I have a similar amount of overtime booked for 2 weeks hence. Orders are up, and the store has been very busy. Saturday, we were wiped out of bread. I wanted to get some after my shift, but no luck. Sunday, we had bread again, though no washing up liquid. We're running out of the unusual things such as iron water; not been any in store for months now. It seems to be down to 'supply chain issues'. Sometimes manufacturers haven't the staff, sometimes it's the drivers... All left over cr*p from the pandemic I guess. A possible reason for the busyness, is a supermarket in the same area has been closed for a refurbishment, and I guess many of their customers are coming to us. It would certainly explain why so many customers don't know where anything is. It's all money...

One of my favourite colleagues is leaving next week. She's so lovely, and is always smiling. I shall miss her. She is going on to better things, in a full time job, so that's good news for her. Whilst I'll miss her, I did have a brief chat with the manager whilst she wasn't around. Call me mercenary, though she works a Saturday, and if her hours are up for grabs... The manager confimed that some students are leaving soon too, and it's very likely there could be weekend hours available. I reminded him that I'm very interested. He remembered lol. With ever increasing costs, and my son out of work, any extra hours I can get will be very wellcome.

During the week a colleague took me to one side and asked if I was all right. O...K... She stated I was unusually quiet and she was concerned. Aaaw. I told her I was fine, I am, and that I was just trying to up my pick rate so was working hard. I don't want management thinking I can't take the workload and trying to offload me. She was happy with my response. So, work has ticked over nicely with a good amount of overtime.

I heard from the wife of my ex. They're thinking of moving early next year. Well, colour me surprised. Not! He always did have half an eye on the horizon as the grass was always greener elsewhere. In the few years they've been in Oz, I think he's on his 3rd or 4th job. He either can't get a proper contract, or is taking short term contracts as he's always looking to better things. Not my way of living, but I don't have to. Just as well they don't have kids, as the constant upheaval isn't good when you have kids.

The title: including my usual non-work days, I'm now off for 9 days and a well-needed rest. I've been counting the days lol, and now it's here! I shall 'celebrate' with a nice glass of wine with the Sunday roast that's in the oven as I type. Yum!

Take care, have a great week.


StoneRoad2013 said:

Definitely been having a busy time, and your break has been well-earned, so enjoy it to the full !

Hope all the other things work out to your advantage.
16 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Wow Fran, it's exhausting just reading all you're doing - so heaven knows how you're feeling. You certainly deserve the 9 days off, although I doubt whether it'll be a quiet 9 days knowing you.

I do hope you get the hours you want - but wouldn't it be a good idea if your son took on some of those extra hours instead of you? I hope he's doing his bit and saving you having to do housework as well as the hours in the store.

It's getting cooler now - and flannelette sheets are on the bed already!!!! As for your ex - I think I would be thankful that you don't have to worry about him anymore. You are your own person and not having to rely on him. Take care of yourself and have a great week too.
16 months ago

Gracie said:

Wow thats a lot of hours! But 9 days off should feel blissful. If all these people are leaving, what about asking your manager if your son could work some of the same hours you do? Even if its just a day or two a week. Extra money and if they're short handed maybe it works for everyone? Just a thought..
So the ex... Really? Write a note if you have news...
Enjoy your time off. And your roast. Yum!
16 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks everyone.

Sara - Oh I plan to. Some housework chores to do, but nothing onerous and I'll try and get a few day trips planned if the weather isn't too bad.

Jenny - He's trying to find work tho jobs are scarce. We're both hopeful he can get a Christmas job in the local supermarket to get some cash coming in. He can't drive, and we couldn't afford a car for him anyway, so any job has to be local or on a good bus route which rules out shift work. He's a good lad, and is no trouble; rarely asks for anything.

Gracie - People are on leave, so the hours were there. Others will be covering my leave now. It's all extra money, and I like to be helpful and reliable.
My son doesn't want to work in the same store as me which I can understand. It wouldn't bother me, and I've said I'd ignore him lol, but he's very reluctant. It would cramp my hours anyway as he'd need a ride home.

The roast was great! I was so hungry as I hadn't eaten since 10am, so it went down very well.

Had a huge sleep too, 7 hours solid sleep! Fantastic.
16 months ago