This past week ticked over nicely until Friday. From Friday through to Sunday, it was mad in the store. Like so many other places, we're going to be closed on Monday, so people were out in force buying anything and everything that wasn't nailed down; that's the way it seemed anyway. As far as the veggie aisle was concerned, it looked like a plague of locusts had descended and ravished all the goods. We're closed for one day! A few colleagues commented it was like Christmas as far as crowds are concerned.

Speaking of: It's the 18th of September, and we already have Christmas chocs in the store. In a different store, I saw mince pies for sale. Good grief! I know people have been advised to buy early to spread the cost in these financially uncertain times, but mince pies in September? Seriously?

Early in the week, a mad old bag I mean lady had approached me about the picture of the Queen outside. She had some nice ones if I was interested. She then went on about how the Queen was always smiling, and that I should smile too. O.K... She approached me 3 times, and told me to keep smiling. Murderous thoughts aside LMAO I was thinking: maybe I'll smile if you back off and leave me alone to do my job.

Oh, my 'stalker' wasn't in last week. This week he found me, introduced his granddaughter, and told me his partner of 24 odd years had passed away last week from cancer. OMG. What a thing to tell a virtual stranger. How do you react to that? I said I was sorry to hear that, and tried valliantly to extricate myself. Sighs...

Despite the crowds, the week ticked over, and I worked 4.5 hours overtime over the weekend. Oh my feet hurt lol. I have 5 hours overtime scheduled for next weekend, then a week off, then same again for the following weekend. It's hard work, my feet complain however I don't like to say no as I'm hoping for more hours on a weekend if orders pick up at some point. Even if it's just a single hour extra a week it'll help. My manager did ask a while back if I'd be willing to extend my weekend hours so I'm hopeful. It doesn't hurt to be amenable, and of course extra money is not to be sneezed at, especially at this time of rising costs.

Sunday, we didn't have a roast though we did have a lovely dinner: fillet steak from the discount store. I had baked potato, my son had chips, onion rings, grilled tomato, and mushrooms. It was delicious! Ooh, and a glass of crisp, cold white wine. Later, I might have a small bar of chocolate. In Lidl, the discount store, they often have Guylian Tablet for sale. This looks like a large bar, though inside, there are 4 separately wrapped small bars. Just the right amount for a treat, without too many calories - I have to watch my weight like a hawk!

Well, that's enough rambling. Enjoy watching the funeral Monday if that's your thing though 'enjoy' is maybe not the right word. We only have Amazon Prime here, so it won't be on though the news coverage thus far has been intense. I haven't bought a paper since Tuesday. It's too much...

Take care.


Jenny McIntyre said:

What a strange lot of customers you seem to have in your store Fran. What a nerve that woman had to tell you to smile. It was bad enough the first time, but to say it three times!!! I can't believe that people panic buy, when you are only closed for one day. I usually have my weekly grocery delivery on a Monday, but they're not coming until Tuesday - okay that's not going to ruin my life. They really need to get a grip. Don't they have fridges or freezers? Your dinner sounded gorgeous. Have a good week to come.
17 months ago

Gracie said:

Yes you do have some odd customers. That man, your stalker, what a weirdo. How strange to be out and chatty and smily after such a recent close loss.
The store is closing for one day. Its like here when theres snow forecast. Seems everyone will need 4 gallons of milk, 5 dozen eggs and 6 loaves of bread as they'll never get out sgain. Till the day after the snow. I Hope they have freezer room. Idjits.
Dinner does sound good. I love real onion rings. As to the funeral, I haven't watched sny of the procession yet. But I may try to catch the final event.
Hope your cold has left you.
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks both.

Jenny - I made a point of asking a colleague, loudly, to confirm we're only closed for one day. It was ridiculous! Our larger store ran out of so much, according to a shopper - including bananas, that she then came to our branch. As I said, just like Christmas.

Gracie - I put 6 loaves of bread into 2 different crates. 2 customers also has 6 cartons of clothes wash or fabric softener. WTF? On the other side of the coin, maybe next week will be quiet in the store for a few days.
Mostly just a sore throat now, tho I seem prone to those anyway.

The good thing about working so hard, I slept 6 hours solid Sunday night. Second time this week :)
17 months ago