This week has been quite fraught.

Wednesday, there were no lights on in the car park, so before 6am, I'm crossing a dark car park. I was not pleased. Then, we had no milk delivery thanks to protestors blocking the dairy. They're entitled to their opinions, however stopping people from buying milk, which legally they are allowed to, is a step too far IMO. The milk eventually arrived, however a different delivery was very late due to the HGV driver taking 90 minutes to reverse his load into the loading bay. I'm guessing he was new...

Thursday, the system crashed and whilst we could pick goods, we couldn't sign them off as finished. The supervisor found a work-around, though it was tedious.

Friday, I had a good start in that a customer paid me a nice compliment - she stated I was the nicest person picking, and that I was always polite and gave way to customers. Just wish she'd told my boss! lol. The day, however, went dwonhill from there in that customers seemed unable to open their eyes and find the goods that they wanted. I swear, at least a dozen, and more, customers stopped me to ask where things were. I was going to do a little shopping of my own, but I was in such a 'mood' I thought if one more customer needs help, whilst I'm doing MY shopping, I was going to lose it. I left.

Saturday, on leaving my car I stepped in 'something.' OMG! Thankfully it had rained overnight so I crossed the car park seeking puddles to clean my shoe in. Good grief!

Sunday, we were subjected to 'dreary' music on the radio prior to customers being allowed in. After about 2 hours, and staff constantly complaining, I told somebody how to switch it off. I've done it more than once, though this time I wasn't comfortable doing it as the radio was playing songs, and having interviews re the Queen's passing.

All due respect to the Queen, and her family, however we've been forced to listen to dreary music since it happened and some staff had stated that it was making them depressed. Not to be maudlin at all, but my son has been instructed that when I die, if he wants music at my funeral, then I want something upbeat such as 'Bat out of hell' lol, or 'Another one bites the dust.' No dreary cr*p for me please.

Well, that's about it for my week. I worked less than 2 hours overtime though that was fine with me. I've been very tired, and my son and I have experienced being tight-chested this week. Don't know what that's about; could be traffic pollution, the weather... Who knows? Saturday, I had a terrible night. I was in pain, and I was cold, so today I've broken out my winter duvet, and put that on the bed. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. I could always have a 'medicinal' whisky before bed ;)

The fraught week ended on a high note at least: I made the best roast beef dinner we've had in a long time. Everything was just perfect. We have leftovers for sandwiches, and enough will be left for beef wraps for Tuesday dinner. Yum!

Have good week ahead, take care.


Jenny McIntyre said:

I really get annoyed with people who demonstrate and therefore stop other people from getting places, or buying things. What on earth were they complaining about in a dairy? I bet they'd be the first to complain if they wanted to get something, but couldn't because of protestors!

There was no need to play sombre music in the store was there? There are plenty of songs out there which are fine, just not sombre. I'm sorry to hear about your chest pain, Fran - I think it might be a good idea to either pop into your local surgery to see your doctor, or else pop into a local pharmacy and tell them about it. They might come up with a suggestion to help.

Mmm roast beef - sounds divine. I'm glad to hear that someone could see your personality and actually told you - but it would have been nice if he'd told your manager too!!!! I wish you a great week to come - and not one where you tread in "something" neither!!!!
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Jenny.
The dairy: they're protesting about animal welfare as far as I know. They've also blocked the aisle in which milk is for sale at some large supermarkets around the country.

The music was awful, so depressing and sombre. Almost everyone was complaining. Maybe playing nothing at all would have been better.

Dinner was great. I did everything I said I'd do, and had a much better night.

It is a shame, people are quick to report you, but not so quick to report 'good behavior.'
17 months ago

Gracie said:

Ditto Jenny. These protests against "animal cruelty" and milk, do these ignorant idjits know that not milking a cow is whats actually painful?? I swear people like to complain but its all hot air. Most people just aren't too bright really.
And better night or not, if you have even a bit more tight chest, take an aspirin asap and see a doctor please!
17 months ago

Bee Orchid said:

Thanks Gracie.
They are a drag. If they did that in my store I'd simply reach over/past them lol, or else we'd just keep it out back and get it from our cold room as requested.

Neither of us can take aspirin, and getting to see a doctor? Hard work, and nigh on impossible. Lots of rain here, and storms, and very humid so probably just atmospheric but thanks.
17 months ago