Roman Ruins of Djemila

Djémila, formerly Cuicul, is a small mountain village in Algeria, near the northern coast east of Algiers, where some of the best preserved Roman ruins in North Africa are found. It is situated in the region bordering the Constantinois and Petite Kabylie (Basse Kabylie).

In 1982, Djémila became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique adaptation of Roman architecture to a mountain environment. Significant buildings in ancient Cuicul include a theatre, two fora, temples, basilicas, arches, streets, and houses. The exceptionally well preserved ruins surround the forum of the Harsh, a large paved square with an entry marked by a majestic arch.

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Stephan Fey said:

Wow, looks very interesting!
13 months ago

Heide said:

Ein wundervolles Bild von einem sagenhaften Ort.
13 months ago ( translate )

Dimas Sequeira said:

Remarkable ruins!
13 months ago ( translate )

Nora Caracci said:

spectacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 months ago ( translate )