From the past,

Having issues with Microsoft so-called updates, I now have the PC going, next job is to find and reload my images, but some progress has been made.

Therefore, another older image but not as old as the ladies attire would suggest, This is the end of the breakwater wall at Lyme Regis In the County of Dorset on a misty morning, I have no idea why they were dressed this way but it added something to the image!

HWW,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A large view may be rewarding
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Armando Taborda said:

Don't mind. The image from the past is great, Roger!
5 weeks ago

Roger (Grisly) replied to Armando Taborda:

Lovely comments Armando, thank you!
5 weeks ago

William Sutherland said:

Marvelous capture! Good luck with your PC. HWW!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
5 weeks ago

LotharW said:

Vielleicht warten sie auf altes Schiff, das von der Weltumsegelung zurückkehrt. HWW, Roger. Komm gut durch die zweite Wochenhälfte.
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) replied to LotharW:

Thank you Lothar, scanning the horizon for signs of a sail!
5 weeks ago

Doug Shepherd said:

A great shot here Roger. I like the generally muted tones contrasting with the light enhancing the colours of the ladies clothing. Know what you mean about the 'updates'!

HWW and enjoy your day, Doug
5 weeks ago

Herb Riddle said:

Waiting for the packet no doubt. Well shared Roger.

HWW, have a good week. Herb
5 weeks ago

Pam J said:

5 weeks ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

HWW Roger!
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Mikus said:

Scheint ein bedeutsamer Tag zu sein. HWW und eine schöne Restwoche, Roger.
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Percy Schramm said:

Fantastic image and impression of the past ***
5 weeks ago

Günter Klaus said:

Das ist ja eine tolle Ansicht lieber Roger,haben sie da was vorgestellt,wegen dieser Gewänder :))

Wünsche noch einen schönen Nachmittag,liebe Grüße Güni :))
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Maybe rehearsal for a celebration?
HWW Roger
5 weeks ago

Gudrun said:

The ladies fit in really well:-) HWW!
5 weeks ago

Pearl said:

j'aime beaucoup ces manifestations traditionnelles. Cela nous relie à nos traditions.
Bonne journée Roger.
5 weeks ago ( translate )