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White Fuchsia: Still have a few left
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Keith Burton said:

These are gorgeous Maurice..........and you've captured them beautifully!

Good to see you posting this last few days..........I hope you're holding up OK?
2 years ago

HappySnapper replied to Keith Burton:

I'm getting used to the idea of a whole new way of life post operation and support from the Macmillan community from fellow sufferers of this cancer. It is good to see many who have survived post surgery five years and more and still remain cancer free.
2 years ago

Andrea Ertl said:

2 years ago ( translate )

HappySnapper replied to Andrea Ertl:

Many thanks Andrea.
2 years ago

Roger Dodger said:

Great to see them still in flower Maurice.
2 years ago

Maeluk said:

Well done Maurice, I do hope your as well as you can be right now.
2 years ago

HappySnapper replied to Maeluk:

Thanks Steve See my reply to Keith , it covers mostly my situation today..
2 years ago

raingirl replied to HappySnapper:

It's great to have hope. And to enjoy each day. You have helped me with that with this beautiful photo!
2 years ago

Keith Burton replied to HappySnapper:

Good to hear you're getting help and support Maurice............keep thinking positive thoughts..!!
2 years ago

Annalia S. said:

Simply beautiful, Maurice.
2 years ago ( translate )

Wilfried said:

wunderbar die schönen Glöckchen Maurice
2 years ago ( translate )

Rafael said:

Magnífica !
2 years ago ( translate )

Janet Brien said:

Oh, aren't these dancing ballerinas stunning in their lovely white costumes?! :) Very nice composition here too!
2 years ago

TOZ said:

Super Image Maurice have a great weekend.
2 years ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

A very beautiful picture Maurice.
My father had the same cancer as you and the treatment worked very well for many years.
I hope things are going the right way for you. Stay strong and keep safe.
Best wishes.
2 years ago