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Collard Dove: Cold and overcast sky this morning, the bird feeders have been quiet busy. I scattered a few peanuts inside this one and sure enough the Dove found a way in.
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Keith Burton said:

Never pass up the chance of a peanut :-))

A super capture Maurice............with great detail . I like the out-of-focus background as well.
2 years ago

HappySnapper replied to Keith Burton:

One of a few shots I worked out before taking the shot, a rare occurance these days for me.
2 years ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Beautifully captured Maurice.
A little birdy tells me it's your birthday!
It could have been this one!
I hope you have had a good day.
2 years ago

Sarah O' said:

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHOT, MAURICE..... SO close-up and so clear...lovely color for this Dove.
Well done,,,, and glad I saw Rosa's mention of a special day today. HOPE YOU HAVE HAD A GREAT DAY and that you're feeling OK too, Maurice... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU from across the pond..... Best wishes, and have many more Birthdays, my friend, Sarah
2 years ago

Wilfried said:

schön getroffen Maurice
2 years ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

A lovely bird that looks to be in good health and a fine winter plumage Maurice, Nice capture
2 years ago