Lost in the Dark ...

For years the black dog has chased me in the darkness. I ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore. Then recently a light shone on me and I started to believe maybe, just maybe, things could get better.

But today that light disappeared and the darkness is all around once again. My sense of hopelessness has returned and so has the black dog.

What's more he seems bigger and stronger than before while I feel weaker than ever, so weak I don't feel I have it in me to keep fighting him.

And it leaves me wondering is there really any point in continuing this fight. Maybe it's time to just let him win.
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Malik Raoulda said:

C'est pas possible,il ne peut pas t'avoir,il essaye mais tu es toujours la..
Voila ce qui est écrit a l'ouverture de ma page..
« Il n'y a pas d'échec, sauf à ne plus essayer.»
4 years ago ( translate )

Jean said:

I like the simplicity of your image and the rich depth of the blue eye. The writing is so good I'm not sure if it is a quotation or you writing of your own feelings. It reminds me of how I felt years in the past. I was ready to give up but decided to make one last effort to get help and by good fortune I got it.
4 years ago

Dominique 60 said:

très poignant ....... combattre, toujours combattre , c' est la seule solution !!
gros soutien de ma part ..... amitiés .
4 years ago ( translate )

Pics-UM said:

Hallo Paul, ich bin mir nicht sicher ob deine Bildbeschreibung dein Foto oder deine persönliche Situation beschreibt. Es macht keinen Sinn, den schwarzen Hund und die Dunkelheit gewinnen zu lassen, dass Licht kommt wieder! Nicht immer schafft man das allein, manchmal benötigt man dazu Hilfe und vielleicht wäre es gut, wenn du dich darauf konzentrierst. Gruß Uwe
4 years ago ( translate )

Boarischa Krautmo said:

Dogs mustn't win. Never ever.
4 years ago ( translate )

Trudy Tuinstra said:

4 years ago ( translate )

Shuttering Yukon said:

Hey doc it's so good seeing you, I missed you! And never ever let the black dog win! Fight to the end my friend. Fight with all you have!
4 years ago

Berny said:

I wish you all the best, Paul. And paint the dog white, or blue, or whatever, don't fight him, ignore him!
4 years ago

tiabunna said:

We have an organisation here called "Beyond Blue". They suggest asking the question I'll run past you - R.U.O.K. Paul?
4 years ago

autofantasia replied to tiabunna:

Rarely these days George and there's very little chance of that changing, but I appreciate you asking!
4 years ago

autofantasia said:

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and supportive comments. I'm still here, still fighting, just wish I felt better than I do. Take good care of yourselves people!
4 years ago

tiabunna replied to autofantasia:

Good to hear from you, Paul. I hope you are able to call on support. Stay strong.
4 years ago

Jean said:

I’m glad you are still fighting. Be as kind to yourself as you can. I’m fighting physical pain just now so when I’m in a down I’ll remember you and that you’re fighting too.
4 years ago

Taormina said:

4 years ago ( translate )

sea-herdorf said:

O ja, der schwarze Hund läßt sich besiegen, Paul.
Alles Gute Dir
Freundliche Grüße und einen guten Abend
3 years ago ( translate )