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I have a vague memory that I bought this snapshot in California, but I didn't mark it, so can't be sure.
The clothing, general appearance and snapshot type looks like early to mid 1920s.

(Just found the actual photograph. Still no clue as to where I found it, but on the back is written: Mitzi & Albert and Alice.)
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Don Sutherland said:

Great vintage photo.
7 weeks ago

Deborah Lundbech replied to Don Sutherland:

Thank you, Don! Glad you enjoyed it.
7 weeks ago

William Sutherland said:

Fabulous shot!
7 weeks ago

Deborah Lundbech replied to William Sutherland:

Thanks you, William, and thanks for your visit!
7 weeks ago

Alan Mays said:

A cute photo! The kids expressions are interesting, and I wonder what attracted the attention of the boy, who's intently looking at something off camera.
7 weeks ago