The Siblings

Uploaded for the Vintage Photos Theme Park theme of: HOLDING A DOLL
Studio portrait taken in Morgantown, West Virginia.
The owner of the store got this from an Estate Sale in Charlotte, Vermont (a nearby town ) and told me that the old woman who had died was the last of her family.
Purchased in "Your Home" shop, Main St., Bristol VT in 2023.
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raingirl said:

I imagine your home's walls covered in old photos like this *smile*.

The doll is almost as big as her baby brother! (And her bow)
2 weeks ago

Deborah Lundbech replied to raingirl:

You wouldn't be wrong, Laura. : )
2 weeks ago

raingirl replied to Deborah Lundbech:

Ah ha! *smile*
2 weeks ago ( translate )