Kitchen Sophistication

I am often asked which one of my models is my favourite. That is probably the easiest question to answer. It is kind of like asking a parent which one of his or her children is his or her favourite. Where I come from, one does not make such a distinction between their children. In the same way, I can’t do it with my models. Wheather I have chosen them or they have chosen me, it was a decision to work together offering one another their trust and opening one’s self to stand naked and vulnerable before the other. Yes, the photographer too, although not naked, is vulnerable during the shooting session. So, really, no, there is no favourite model.

But in the results of the sessions, every so often, there is a shot that stands above the rest. A “shooting star” photograph that I know when I am working on it, that it will get the most views, comments and favourites. Every so often, I have the good fortune of such an image. I know it when it’s there and my viewers, fans and general “Flickr” public know it, see it and delight in it. The comments start pouring in and the appreciation becomes overwhelmingly evident.

I will sometimes hold back on such an image, thinking “let me save it for just the right time.” When is the right time? Right time of day? Week? Month? If I had only one such image, I would just hold on to it forever and never find a good enough time to exhibit it. Thankfully, I believe that there will always be another. In fact releasing one makes it possible for the others to come flowing in. Like water in a sink. You have to drain some out to let fresh water in.

I believe this image is such an image. I am completely convinced that this image will be among my highest rated images. Friday afternoon is a pretty good time to post it. People unwind for the weekend and after a long hard week of work they can go see what’s new on Flickr.

This is Milena feeling the warmth of the natural sunlight as it streams into our kitchen.

The large version is spactacular.

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Neon Salt Mine said:

love the softness 1 ....
12 years ago

Daniel berthouloux said:

très beau modèle
belle compo
belle lumière
12 years ago ( translate )

Knut Photos said:

Very beautiful... !
15 years ago

logan said:

Beautiful woman
14 years ago

Fr@nk Eiche said:

Maddu Fitti - Fitti ?
23 months ago ( translate )

honeyj said:

impossibly beautiful skin tones
I love it
14 years ago

2 said:

such an awesome photo - so natural!
14 years ago

Let Them Breathe said:

Lovely little breasties! Let Them Breathe, darling!
14 years ago