Visually Sensational – Joelle

What is erotic?
An image, a sound, a flavor, a touch?
A scent?
A deliberately well organized assembly of some or all of the above, in just the proper proportions can make the difference between a barely noticed glance, to an arousal that can render one to be completely out of control.

The skill of such deliberate organization is a skill that has empowered women and men to achieve great success in life. From political power to social status, financial success and the derivation of great physical and emotional pleasures.

As a contribution to erotica through the sense of vision, I offer this sensual image of the lovely model, Joelle, as she is bathed in the soft glow of evening light. Her grace and poise complete this image of sexuality. Delve into the large version to fully appreciate the ambiance created by the collaborative efforts of artist and model.


Great photography requires dedication, time and effort.
But above all there are costs involved as well.
Equipment, props and model fees, not to mention time,
are all "out-of-pocket" expenses for the artist.

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Naturist said:

du versprichst nicht zu viel!
5 years ago ( translate )

Naturist said:

schön unbekleidet
4 years ago ( translate )

logan said:

beautiful and sensual
15 years ago

Saluton al ciuj...!… said:

Vraiment comme une peinture....!!!
14 years ago ( translate )