1 December 2023 - Club News

Dear members and friends of ipernity,

Seasons Greetings! With the coming change of season we are reminded that we are a global community. We are happy that here on our website we are able to enjoy, both the cold low winter light and the brightness of hot summer. What a pleasure to share these moments with each other. We are thankful for this community which shows us how varied our world is. Peace be with you.

1) Statement from our Club President about AI images.
We've noticed that some members are now sharing images created using artificial intelligence (AI) on ipernity, reflecting their interest in modern methods. We appreciate and embrace this technological innovation. However, the use of AI in photography raises questions concerning labeling requirements and copyright, which are not yet clearly defined by current legislation and existing standards.

It may be years before such legal rules are in place. In order to ensure harmonious coexistence in our community, we believe it is essential to establish some common guidelines today. Our recommendations are:

a) We suggest labeling images generated entirely with AI as such. This does not apply to photos or other content edited using AI-based tools.
b) Consider classifying AI-generated images as "DigiArt", [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_art].
c) We ask admins not to exclude AI-generated images from groups, especially public groups, unless there are valid factual and objective reasons for doing so.

Always keep in mind that our community was formed mostly by photographers. But it has also always been a home for other creative people. All kinds of creative expressions are welcome: photos, videos, music, essays, podcasts, poems, scanned painting and drawings - and now also Artificial Intelligence (AI) images as a special kind of DigiArt.

We have added an 'AI advice' link with a popup message box to the upload page.
Also, you might be interested in the AI Generated Pictures group.

Website Updates

2) Revision to Albums section.

This update relates to albums with mixed content, that is, those with both photos/videos and documents. When viewing an album, any videos are also displayed with the photos. It is not possible to show both photos and docs together.
For such an album, there will be links to switch between 'Photos' and 'Docs', just as with the links for 'All', or for 'Photos' or 'Videos' only, in the 'Photos' section.
This is clearer to the user than when the options were within the drop-down menu.

3) Further revision to the Upload page.

We appreciate the suggestion from some members to tone down the wording of the warning message, which has now been incorporated. Now with this re-wording, we ask that those who already know these rules understand that the team routinely has to deal with returning members asking about missing content. This is partly because some of our automated emails are not being delivered. Thus the team considers it appropriate to place this message on the upload page.

4) Revision of the group guidelines.
A recent debate within the HFF Group indicated that some parts of our group guidelines are too vague or even incomplete. Both members and administrators do not find enough support in them. This can also lead to further misunderstandings in the future and affect the harmony within our community. For this reason, we have reactivated an old discussion forum Group Guidelines. We are looking for your input and suggestions to improve our group guidelines and to prepare a proposal for amendment to the ima team. Your participation is highly encouraged and welcome! Your inputs may help us maintain a welcoming and respectful atmosphere at ipernity. We are looking forward to your contributions.

Early Notice

5) Ipernity General Assembly 2024.
We give this early notice so that you may avoid conflicting commitments. We note that the typical date of the last Sunday in March is an Easter weekend in 2024. We therefore state that the meeting will be held on Sunday April 7th 2024, 5pm Paris (16:00 UTC).

We also take this opportunity to call for candidates to the ima board. First for the vacant position of Vice President. Secondly, while our current treasurer has agreed to run again, the position is open to members to apply.

Your ima team.

PS If you are a techy nerd, you might care to take a look at this article where you may be able to help.


Daniela said:

Félicitations pour ce beau travail ********
7 months ago ( translate )

Buelipix said:

Thanks for the contribution ... and thanks for the always great work!
7 months ago

Bergfex said:

With the meteorological start of winter, the images on our homepage have been changed to winter motifs. A third of the previous images have been replaced by new ones:

ipernity homepage with #1498 ipernity homepage with #1504 ipernity homepage with #1513 ipernity homepage with #1514 ipernity homepage with #1546 ipernity homepage with #1552 ipernity homepage with #1561 ipernity homepage with #1563 ipernity homepage with #1566 ipernity homepage with #1567 ipernity homepage with #1568 ipernity homepage with #1569 ipernity homepage with #1570 ipernity homepage with #1571 ipernity homepage with #1572

As administrator of the group Ipernity Homepage - Image Proposals I would like to thank the authors for submitting these images. I would also like to thank all those who have contributed to the selection of the images by voting for them..
7 months ago

Annemarie said:

7 months ago

Walter 7.8.1956 said:

Vielen Dank!
7 months ago ( translate )

sunlight said:

Vielen Dank!
7 months ago ( translate )

Bergfex said:

Concerning topic 1 (AI):

Sometimes, creating meaningful icons for our groups is a tricky challenge. With the help of AI generators, this task is very easy to overcome. Here are some examples:

Icon for the group 'Group Guidelines' Icon for group 'Ai generated pictures' Icon for group 'Mountains of the Alps' Icon for the group 'Water Beauty' 47cdc006-15dd-4e37-978c-a683c1ec87bc

In addition, there are completely new possibilities for banner design:


(All images created with Dall-E3 . Click on the icons and the banner to view them in large size.)
7 months ago

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Bien lu, merci beaucoup.
Bon week-end à tous, restez en bonne santé.
7 months ago ( translate )

StoneRoad2013 said:

Thanks for the update.
7 months ago

Peter Castell said:

If the administrator of a group decides they only want images produced by using a camera to me it seems unreasonable to expect them to accept images that are not produced by a camera, I thought the idea of a group was to collect images that were of particular interest to the administrator with moderators deciding what is acceptable , may be groups that want to exclude AI need to be by invitation only
7 months ago

Team replied to Peter Castell:

As noted in item 4, you can make your suggestions for revisions to the rules for groups and their administration in the group here: www.ipernity.com/group/2632968

The more members that contribute there, the better the outcome will be.
7 months ago

Kalli replied to Peter Castell:

7 months ago ( translate )

Isabelle Barruhet said:

Je trouve que c'est bien de faire cette mise au point - ceux ou celles qui utilisent l'ia devraient le mentionner. Ce serait plus correct.
7 months ago ( translate )

Kalli replied to Isabelle Barruhet:

7 months ago ( translate )

Jean-luc Drouin said:

Personnellement, je n'admets pas de photos créées par l'AI dans les groupes que j'administre. C'est mon choix et je l'assume. Comme il est dit dans le texte on est dans le graphisme et non la photographie. Et encore, un vrai graphiste n'a pas besoin de l'outil informatique pour créer ses œuvres. Il suffit de savoir utiliser un logiciel pour se définir artiste ou photographe. Si je reconnais l'intérêt de l'introduction de l'AI dans la médecine, je suis contre si cet outil est utilisé pour ne pas apprendre le techniques de base de la photographie, du dessin ou de la peinture. La liste n'est exhaustive.
7 months ago ( translate )