Ignore ? // Am back !
You ?

There is no way, My Friends ..

If I vanish over the next few days, it has nothing to do with Ipernity.

Have given my 7yr - old laptop CPR ..

Mr. C. did a Restore to get it moving - even though it still swims through a vat of molasses.

It's not quite in ICU, but that little - infuriating blue wheel that goes round and round searching for something ...
Drives me nuts ... more than I am already...

So, if no response to your visits - to your comments - to absolutely anything ...

It is the fault of a laptop that I expected to last a verrrrry long time.

Will come out of Ipernity (since that little blue wheel had to hunt forever to find it ) ..

I'll be back when the laying on of hands or a hammer works ... whichever comes first.

Have a wonderful weekend.

See you whenever.................... the gods of computers will it to be so.

Peggy C


Pam J said:


and for anyone, I have Peggy within Telephone reach so I can check on her !!
6 years ago

Smiley Derleth said:

Ohh, I hope a solution is on the way. So sorry. We will be here waiting for you.
6 years ago

micritter said:

I too hope for a quick and good solution. Having said that, I enjoyed reading your story: you have such a down-to-earth way of beautifully describing the unfortunate situation.
6 years ago

Peggy C said:


Doc had to do surgery and replace the dead hard drive.

IF any of you do NOT have your things backed up... DO..

Mine is on an external hard drive - will take awhile to put back in .. looks sort of lonely in here.

I have 2 places of back up ..... Doc said the hard drive was 70-80% dead.
" You could take it to Raleigh ( in a clean room) and they would do the best to recover anything -but it isn't always possible and very expensive."

Told him had back ups for all but a few photos and those were still on the SD cards. All I lost was editing.

SO ... Back Up !!
6 years ago

micritter said:

Hooray!!!! And yes, we all should back up our data (but procrastinators will procrastinate...)
6 years ago ( translate )

Peggy C replied to micritter:

IF you don't have an external hard drive yet ..... get thee to Office Depot and get one !

I would hate to think of what I would have lost without the back up....
6 years ago

Pam J said:


I LOVE my external hard drive backup !
6 years ago ( translate )