Look first ..
Before sharing a great video in here - hoping it will get to EXPLORE videos --- go look in there 1st ..............

It is FULL of SPAM ...

CR will probably do nothing about it.

Just noticed it this morn 17June 2017 ...


Pam J said:

Peggy.. there is no-one except Christophe to do anything .

He isnt around alot !

If we can get this site back on its feet(and we ARE trying) We will get to grips with it.

7 years ago

Smiley Derleth said:

Sorry, Peggy. I noticed Explore photos was free of spam 12 hours or so after you posted this, and my earlier comment was about that. I didn't know there was an Explore video.
7 years ago

Peggy C said:

Smiley, that is so funny --- since you have a video in Explore video ; ))))
7 years ago

Peggy C said:

Realize cr will not be doing much -- it just made me feel better to '' say it out loud '' .....

Hugggzzz back to you, Pam J ; ))
7 years ago