Don't get lost ... and don't run away
... many Ipers - more than 200 already - have set up a prliminary camp at Flickr, just in case the worst will happen here. (yes, I know, nobody here is really fond of flickr, but what are the options? :-/).

You will find us here:


cu, Lutz

Update Dec. 23rd: Today 351 group members

Merry Christmas to everyone, enjoy the holidays


Stormlizard said:

Thank you LutzP for this information, another group of Ipernity refugees can be found at 23HQ, unfortunately neither site combines other social networking functions.
As faras I have been able to find out Ipernity is (perhaps) was a Unique site in that respect.
7 years ago

LutzP replied to Stormlizard:

Hi John, we just failed with a 7 person outfit. Changing to a 5 person outfit does not seem a smart move to me. I learned my lesson. Cheers Lutz
7 years ago

Stormlizard replied to :

AgrEed, there is another group on Flickr called We were friends on Ipernity. I am in both of them.
Merry Christmas, John.

I have not deserted Ipernity but waned to find at least a part way alternative which Flickr is as it is certainly not a social network.
7 years ago

Eva Lewitus said:

I am quite happy at Flickr . I get much more feedback than I ever did. There are some great photographers too..."Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus"
7 years ago

Heidiho replied to Eva Lewitus:

Eva, dieser Vergleich ist nicht fair.
Flickr hat 130 Mio Mitglieder.
Ipernity theoretisch 20.000, praktisch 3.000.

Frohe Weihnachten !
7 years ago ( translate )

Valfal said:

Thanks for forming the group, Lutz; it makes the transition so much more bearable ;-)
7 years ago

cp_u said:

With all my respect, please don't escape; stay! www.ipernity.com/blog/1058283/4642872?t=90389&c=1&s=edit
7 years ago

Tanja - Loughcrew replied to cp_u:

...nothing left to say ;)
7 years ago

Daniela Brocca said:

Ich bin in beiden, mal schauen was am besten ist. Und auch ob Flickr bleibt.
7 years ago ( translate )

LutzP said:

Join the "Save Ipernity Group"

7 years ago

LutzP replied to autofantasia:

... comment and star left already, thanks for your effort, Paul
7 years ago

Stormlizard replied to autofantasia:

Icommented on it after reading this.
7 years ago

Stormlizard replied to autofantasia:

By the way, I had a response regarding my suggestion of using adverts, Audrey told me that it can't be done as it is illegal under French law which surprised me as 'Skyrock' a French social site is financed at leat in part by adverts.
7 years ago

autofantasia replied to :

7 years ago ( translate )