Re Spooling 620 film.
I have many Box Brownies, I was going to say I have them coming out my ears, but writing to visuals, this could create the wrong picture.
In exploring Ipernity I came across this gallery www.ipernity.com/doc/313099/album/401713 .............and being impressed with the images, and them totally being my kind of styles I made contact about respooling.

Part of my learning curve was the inevitable Google/YouTube search yeilding more than enough information relating the how too and the why do.

I intend to do this sometime and thought I would share these links for others who might wish to do the same in the future.
Thanks to www.ipernity.com/home/313099 for the inspiration and beautiful galleries.

620 Respooling Links. (in no set order)


Cutting 120 down to 127

Lots of great info there and I am sure more than enough know what we need to know to do this.

If you have any other links related please add them to comments.