Greetings and AWOL from me (too)
oh gosh ... it's been YEARS
This new year will see lots of changes for me, with two of the younger grandchildren beginning school and the toddler two now "grownup" little children ... and my own involvement will be regular, but not so intense.
It has been a huge 5 years, and a real honour to have been included in all their lives, including the elder two now in their teens, but am looking forward to stepping back just a bit.

A while ago I upgraded my camera, but it was constantly needing repair and in the last year reached the point of needing to be rebooted after every shot ... so I gave up.

Now though, after deciding not to spend outrageous sums getting the old (new) one fixed (with a limited warranty) for what is apparently an engineering or design problem, I am the very thrilled owner of a new camera and learning its ropes.

When at home my internet is very slow, but for this week in South Australia's bush, it is speedy quick and I am LOVING being able to catch up a bit.

I send my greetings and best wishes for a fresh new year on every possible front.

Greetings to my ipernity friends.
Life here as been hectic and I miss the lovely connections here, so will be making a real effort to get back into it.

Only another couple of weeks to go and then I will have the time to browse AND the internet connection that will make it possible. Until services are better (than 3rd world) I have to snatch opportunities when they arise.

As this morning's batch of photos indicate, this has been a big family time for me.
Most of those photos are restricted at the children's parents' requests, but I will make a couple of them "public".

A new little granddaughter has been added to the mix since I was last here ... I rejoice that I am included in their lives (and wish I were younger!)

Season's Greetings to you all ... and for Aussies, gear up for your Summer Safety.