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StoneRoad2013 said:

2 years ago ( translate )

just"jj" said:

I don't understand what is happening, StoneRoad 2013.
I have tried posting a short video using "drag and drop",and "search your computer", then the ipernity "send from your email" mode.
In each case the text only (not the picture) is going straight to the documents folder.

This has all happened on my new MacAir computer, so perhaps I have a setting wrong.
I will try to muddle through again some time today.
Thanks for popping in.
2 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to just"jj":

That sounds as if the video isn't in a compatible format.

If saving a copy as something else still fails [I would suggest an older format, bearing in mind the age of Ipernity's software] ...

Then, I suggest you raise a "ticket" - they are in "help & contact" link, as in the page footer.
2 years ago

just"jj" said:

:) thank you.
They were a huge help when I returned ... and VERY responsive on twitter, too, for those who aren't aware of their presence there.
I am trying to figure things out in case it is me and my new computer :)
2 years ago