Camera Help?
My lil point and shoot died a horrible death - in a graveyard- about a week ago. There is no fixing it and it is time, I think, I upgraded to the next level - a DSLR. I've been reading up on them and I'm learning a lot already. I really think it's the way I need to go despite it not being cheap.

My big issue? I need a camera that does well in low light situations. My costume events are often "mood" lighted or may even be outside at night - relying only on the moon, stars, and whatever candles we have. Any camera will do fine outside in the full sun or on cloudy days but at night? That's where things get tricky. It needs to do well with movement too - none of that blurry nonsense.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Please, feel free to invite people to reply as I'm not sure what to go with. I'm looking at the Nikon D5200 but I've also been told Olympus might be the way to go. I'm trying to keep the base price (the camera itself) under $550 USD.

Until I get a new camera, I'm stuck with my camera phone - which takes HORRIBLE pictures. However, since I do a lot of costume blogging, I need to take pictures of my latest creations (hence all the terribly noisy pictures of the pink wool 1860's dress over the past few days. Stupid camera phone!). My Mom has been kind enough to lend me her point and shoot for the 150th Anniversery of Gettysburg but I'd like to have a new camera by the New Year.

EDIT: LOL! After I posted this, I talked to a lot of my friends and, just like here, they talked me down from the DSLR branch. I've since settled on three not quite DSLR but awesome cameras:

Olympus Tough Pros: It can withstand even me. It comes in a color other than black or silver. It's waterproof. Cons: Although it can take a pretty decent picture in low light, it's not the best at it.

Panasonic DMC-LX7k Pros: It has the fastest lens in it's class - perfect for taking low light photos Cons: The sensor wasn't upgraded with the lens. This means that although the lens is awesome, the pictures might still come out grainy - which is what I'm trying to avoid.

Sony DSC-RX100 II The II is important. Pros: It has everything I want in a camera. Perfect lens, good sensor, still relatively small. It's great! Cons: Really, the only con is the price. I'm hoping that maybe after Christmas, there might be a sale on this one.